Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, January 20, 2017

Nov-Dec 2016-Jan 2017 (Wow just a little behind)

We have been busy.........
Yep that sums it up.
November was crazy! Nov 4th my Mom went into DKA-My Dad had a band event and I was coming over pretty much to sit at the house because Mom had been up the entire night before throwing up. I came in and looked at Mom and she couldn't even speak. Very scary---Dad said "I still think you need to check her bloodsugar. I did and it was so high that it wouldn't even register on my machine.....I nicely said SHIT Dad we have to get her to the emergency room NOW. So he called 911-while we were frantic I decided it was best that I give her 10 units of insulin-as a possible way of saving her life-the firefighters and paramedics came to help us-I rode in the ambulance with her. Mom spent a few days at the hospital on many many IV's. She was 868 when we arrived at the hospital and her CO2 was 4-the normal CO2 for women is 13. Needless to say....We almost lost her. She ended up being diagnosed with Type 1 then Type 1 1/2 then we ended up at Type 2! We got her insulin and meds and checking all ready for her. Prayers always that anxiety will stay away and she will be able to handle this new stress. Thanksgiving at Mom and Dad's with the extended family
December brought a trip on the Polar Express, 2 Christmas kids shows, Liberty Bowl Rodeo, CHRISTMAS-which was simply MAGIC with drums a guitar-microphone-dolls-outdoor swing-Georgie a dog.......that Addison doesn't really play with lol and a My Little Live Puppy and a dog bed and PawPatrol items and Batman and Mr. Potato Head and Love and Fun for all
Thanksgiving Photo Shoot

Priddy Farms Pumpkin Patch 
Band Practice Day 

Mommy & Daddy take on Nashville 

Christmas Lighting 

St.Jude Marathon lunch afterwards 
GBC Living Nativity 

Polar Express 


Liberty Bowl Rodeo 

It Ain't Easy 


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