Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, August 21, 2015

End of June-Jul-Aug 2015

A stop at Dollywood in June before the Linemen Rodeo
Addison snoozing at Uncle Mike's before our big
day at Dollywood

I had to talk her into the swings-but then she loved them

A very cool stop on our trip-Margarita Ville in Gatlinberg

Awesome Slide at our Hotel

Some Hot guy I picked up

Massive Ferris Wheel-Looked like fun
But just about made me sick-super high in the sky

Harpers joined us for the weekend of fun

Beautiful View

Addison and Bryce watching the dancing waters

Addison and Bryce enjoying the rather hot
Lineman Rodeo

Uncle Mike and Addison watching the Lineman Rodeo

Addison and Marshall on the 1st day of Summer Camp
Thank goodness for these sweet folks-Kept Ty all weekend for us

What my mornings are really like :-)

My crafting child 
Ohhhh if only everyone could enjoy life like this little fella
Church group at the Sneed's house 

Happy Father's Day to this guy

He had had enough of this Barbie crap!

Town Square night in our town

4th of July with the little people-party at our house

Our most favorite Moe's Gal ever!

Town Square music-good times. He loves her so much-and my goodness she is crazy about him

Date night-and of course Sheffields

Atlanta, GA Trip end of July-Thank you Jill for the wonderful
Took the kiddos to the Atlanta Children's Museum
They loved the water table, little house, tractor, catching fish, and the grocery

Hey MOM 
Well-ya gotta teach him early! 
Atlanta with Gammy 
My sweet little guy 18months old

This is his version of hiding from me!

Anyone need yogurt?!
He got it out of the fridge/opened it/and really did not need a spoon

Only took 5 suckers to get his haircut!

Last bottle for my last baby....WAAAAAAAAA 
One of the pictures I took in Atlanta-so sweet 
Where did Ty go? This kid loves to play

Ya know me and my dog just chillin 
This sweet boy right here-heart stealer 
I got a moose! AND I LOVE HIM! 
Mommy made 17 ponies for Addison's
6th Birthday Party (surprising enough they were easy and quick)
Addison July 25th at her 6th Cowgirl/Swim Birthday Party

Ahhhhh day after her party she lost her 1st tooth!

Our dates for dinner one night
-An 18mth old sometimes proves to be a disaster at dinner time

Inside Camping-request by Addison-
Indoor Smores-check
Indoor Campfire-check
Sleeping Bag-check
Coolest night ever-check 
Spa time with my main girl before starting 1st Grade 
August 5th-last night of putting her to bed as a 5 year old 
August 6th! Addison turned 6!
Our sweet, kind, loving, funny, talkative, God loving, questioning, buddy
is growing up so very fast. She is a kind hearted little girl with a personality to light up a room.

Those Curls! 
Daddy worked storm mode....Mommy braved the water park with 2 kids!
(Pretty much the same amount of work for both parents! haha)

August 10th-1st Day of School!
Mommy didn't cry this year! YAY
Daddy and I walked Addison in-she sat down at her desk and started coloring-almost got teary eyed but sucked it up quick-such a big girl-excited for this year ahead with a very awesome teacher 
See ya Mom and Dad-I got this! 
Day after school started-gymnastics here we come! 
Her buddy Georgia was in the same class! They were both so excited! 

These 2-had too much fun! 
My sweet niece turned 18!
Oh gracious! I was 15 when she was born and now she is all grown up

Family bike night-with the loves of my life
God is good and he answers prayers 
A promise made when Sam was 13 years old
That we would take her line dancing when she turned 18!
Well we kept our promise! Last night was a blast!
We line danced till I couldn't feel my feet!