Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

October-December Picture Catch Up :-) Life Has Been BUSY!

October 2014
GA/TN Game! 

Heartsong Fall Fest Oct 2014 
Marshall laying it on her! 
Best Buddies 
Open House at School-Addison was so proud of everything
she made-it was great to see all the hard work she had done 

D=Donuts, Deer, Duck, Dog! 
My favorite Art piece from Addison
Cheer camp at CHS! 
Performance night for the Cheer she learned 
A Baby and a Daddy-sweetest thing ever! 
Another baby with her Daddy 

1st Field Trip for Addison 

Church Cookout and 1st Smores-she was not a fan 

Circus with Addison
My Baby loves 9 months 
9 month check up 20lbs 10oz, 28 and 3 quarters tall
Size 18mths clothes! 
This is what happens when Daddy dresses him! 

Gandadin with his mini-me at Addison's Soccer Game 

Dads Birthday in Nov
Ganmomma and Addison playing-
She is crazy about her 
Lunch with my girl 
Addison reading to Ty 
Addison helping me work from home 
STAR OF THE WEEK! And she picked out her own dress! 
Stomach bug hit us hard right before Thanksgiving-
The whole family was taken out 
Happy Happy Ty 
Hiding our Turkey as a Princess for School 
This kid loved the swings! 
Costco Pics for our 10mths!
He was sooo happy I was taking his pic again! 

Dress like an Indian at School day 
Ty destroying the train set 
Deep conversations for these two 
Hunky chunky man Ty
Veterans Day for this good looking guy! 
Thanksgiving Family Day! YAY for Family Bonding
YAY for a Normal Family that gets along & Loves to be together!

Ty with Uncle Mike 
Ty's 1st Thanksgiving 
Happy Baby Ty-10mths

Elfie is at it again! (Disregard the dirty sink) 
1st 1/2 Marathon for Bryan & Gaspo!
Bryan finished in 2hrs, 2min, 20seconds HE DID
AWESOME and I am one super PROUD WIFE!
He wants to do a couple more 1/2's then go for the full 
Addison's letter to Santa
-Doll House from Costco
Guitar, Santa Toy 
Sick baby Ty 1st ear infection 
Santa 2014! Ty was not a fan!
Breakfast with Santa 
Hmmmm a tree in my living room!
I can destroy it!