Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

5th Birthday/Start of Kindergarten/Baby Ty 7 & 8 months

Addison turned 5!
Goodness how this sweet girl has changed our life. She is kind, loving, forgiving, beautiful inside and out, funny, goofy, energy filled, flys off the wall, princess loving, cupcake/cake loving, outdoor loving fun girl. We love you Addison to the Moon and Back.
Favorite book: Peppa Pig
Favorite clothing item: flip-flops or boots
Favorite person: Ganmomma and Gandaddin, Erin
Doesn't Like: Green Peas or Mashed Potatoes
Likes: Attention! ha (Her Mother's Child)

Donuts for Breakfast! A must!

Fairy Garden, Fancy Nancy Decorated Room, Sophia Doll, New Bath Barbie, Music Box, and the only thing she asked for......her own Pink & Purple Candy Box!

1st day of Kindergarten! 
Me smiling through the tears on the 1st day!
She asked me if I could stay with her...break my heart

Ty's last day for my Mom and Dad to keep him
Gotta love the shirt! 
Addison received birthday goodies from Uncle Jeff and Aunt Brittany 
Balloon release after her birthday party @ Sega Gym

Birthday Gift from Ganmomma and Gandaddin

When you're the 2nd kid you get your diaper changed in the front seat!

Ready for School!

This guy.................loves his Momma

Thank you God for Ganmomma!
Her job is to hold him while I run around crazy cleaning!

Birthday party for Kaylea

2 much partying for these 2~!

7 year Anniversary! YAY for us!
Love this guy with all of my heart-so glad he picked me

My flowers at work after my dinner at Ruth's Chris and I got a new Pandora bead-he loves me!


Mommy can't find my mouth! 
How Ty watches TV! 
Germantown Festival Me, Mom and Addison
Our G'town Fest days may never be the same!
(We heard can WE GO PLAY about 100 times)
NO KID we are here to SHOP! ha

Sweet Baby Ty 7 & 8 months old

This boy can make a mess of some water

Lunch with my little one, Daddy got to go on Friday to lunch with her too

Tacky Day @ School 

Costco outing 
Zoo on the weekend-such great weather might as well get out & enjoy it

7mth pics 

These looks-steal my heart

1st Soccer Game for Addison
She wanted to play goalie b/c she wouldn't have to run!
Mom and Dad came to the game then we all made it to Aj's Soccer game

Mom and Dad came to keep the kiddos so we could go
to a gender reveal baby shower. Thank goodness for loving, supportive parents-they are my world!

Look.....Sometimes Mommy lets me dress myself! ha

8mths of lovin from this little guy who is just on the brink of crawling
Loves: to be held, paci, blankie, talked to, tickled, toys, Abby, his Sissy, baths
Doesn't like: Green Peas, loud noises, barking dogs, the look of being left behind
Love this sweet baby Ty!