Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer Fun 6mths and 4yrs

Sweet Baby Ty turned 5mth on June 23, 2014
He loves bath time (finally)
Loves to be talked to and held ALL OF THE TIME

We could not have asked for a better family vacation down in Destin FL for the July 4th week. Mom and Dad, Kelly, Chad, Sam, Hannah and AJ all joined the 4 of us for the week. It was great family bonding, Shopping and even a date night complete with Dippin Dots!
Ty loved the naps on the beach and went for about half a day on the beach and a couple of swims in the pool-I have another water baby on my hands! Addison loved the ocean the sand and everything about Florida! We told her that she could get anything she wanted from Alvin's Island so she said she wanted to get a CRAB! haha he nicely told her that she could have one when she turned 5-dear Lord please help her forget that she wants a crab! Nastyness

Abigail & Connor's Birthday with ELSA

Water Park with AJ 5, Addison 4

Best of friends

Always wants to play dress up!

My bed during the weekends

Goodness She is crazy about him almost as crazy as he is about her

My little tree monkey

What? Ya don't like Green Beans? Ok fine

My sweet Love

Helping Mommy work.......
Sweet Baby Ty turned 6mths old on July 23rd one day after Mom had her 60th Birthday!! Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mom!

Ty made sure to tell Mom Happy Birthday!!

Here are some pics of our 18lb 8oz happy happy baby boy Ty.
Mr. Ty, Ty Ty, Bubs, Tydy Wydy (Sorry Ty this is what Sissy calls you)

This was Ty's first trip down the slide-he really enjoyed it!
This pic above is Addison & Ty ready for Church-also known as his last time to wear a bubble outfit (his big sis told him that he looked like a girl!) Daddy is not going to have that!

I took Addison to the zoo after Kindergarten registration and we had a blast! We love going to the zoo and hanging out-so much to do there!
Above is Addison and Daddy when we went to Shelby Farms to play
She was exhausted after this :-) and really who needs another kid on the seesaw when you have a Daddy! Not real sure who had more fun! Ty and I chilled out in the shade.

My sweet Addison enjoying her last days as a 4yr old
Age 5 READY or NOT here we COME!!

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