Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Monday, March 17, 2014

Lock Up Your Daughters TY HARPER has arrived!

January 23, 2014
10:16 a.m.
9lbs 12oz
21 1/4 inches
We picked up my Mom and dropped off Addison with my Dad and arrived at Methodist at 8a.m. for our scheduled C-Section at 10a.m. The nurses took us back to get me ready with my IV and ask the lovely 100 questions or so. They let me know that my doc was not a very good note taker and one of the nurses asked me if I passed my glucose test.......Ummmmm my lovely answer was Nope he didn't give me one B/C I have been a diabetic for 24 years (and yes Type 1 Diabetic was on the page-most likely all over it!! Note to self----Nurses secretly don't know everything (although we would like to think so since they are caring for us). Once the nurses got my IV in (took 2 glorious tries) then they started pumping who knows what in my arm. I got extremely uncomfortable and very irritable (yes more so than usual). I got to the point that I didn't want anyone to touch me. Then they wheeled me down the hall and Mom left for the waiting room and Bryan dressed in his (hospital ultra Mr.Clean outfit)-hairnet and all (mighty fine looking fella even though I was on drugs to give birth). Dr. Tom was glad I made it there and also VERY excited that this would be my last pregnancy! Due to the high risk and seeing him twice a week-there really is no doubt that I was his favorite patient EVER, haha-he would beg to differ. They did a spinal block instead of an epidural this time and it seemed to work a lot better-I did not feel them pulling on me at all. I was extremely nervous because my last C-Section hurt and the recovery was bad and it took forever for my body to heal. Dr. Tom did the C-Section and out baby Ty came crying very loudly (which made me cry)-it is such a relief just to hear that sweet baby cry. No worries his lungs work very good. Dr. Tom called for the NICU to come get him but after they checked his blood sugar it was 34 then they fed him and he was good to go-and didn't even have to go to the NICU. Dr. Tom told the nurses in the operating room that if he has a heart-attack that there was no doubt he would come back in a min just to tie my tubes! HA see I am his favorite! I am pretty sure he burned anything he could in there so there would be no accidents :-)
The nurses giggled when they got Bryan, me and my sweet chunky baby boy to the recovery room-they tried to put Newborn diapers on him and he looked like a Sumo wrestler!! The nurse said "Looks like I'll be going to find the Ones"! haha
Ohh he is just the cutest little chunk I've ever seen-he came into the world screaming with his eyes closed for about 4 days straight with a head full of hair brown on top with blonde roots (he was sporting the reverse ombre)! Blonde eye brows, hairy little ears, little bitty feet and big hands he was perfectly made just for us. It is amazing to look at God's creation and just to think that all of that was inside of me-WOWZA! Sweet and gross all at the same time.  They drugged me pretty heavy for the first 2 days-oxy cotton drip and pills (hmmmmm I wonder if someone told them to!) One of the nurses got an ear full when she told me that drinking a coke would give me gas and I nicely said "I'M TRYING NOT TO DIE HERE" (my blood sugar was 34 and I was trying to get it back up)-My lovely husband had to tell her that I was a diabetic. haha but the other nurses said that I was very funny and I didnt bother them at all (they may have been lying). Mom and Dad, big sister Addison, Michael and Tammi were all there when Ty arrived. Kelly C and Kelly W & Dana (Kelly W sis n law), Samantha and Amy and Ali all came up later that day after work to see Ty. He was born on a Thursday and we were able to go home on Sunday afternoon to my Mom and Dad's house for 3 weeks. It was truely a blessing to have the help, clothes cleaned, help with Addison, official baby holders, and the ability to hand him over and get a nap in during the day. I couldn't ask for better parents. Maternity leave has been great and Ty is an easy baby as long as you feed him-he is rather irritable when he gets hungry (took after his Daddy on this one).

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