Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2nd Pregnancy 101

Ok so this pregnancy is COMPLETELY different from the last one
Ty is measuring 4 weeks early-new due date is January 12th 2014! His original due date was February 12th 2014. Ty is head down (way down) his legs are against my rib cage on the left hand side and his bottom is on the right side top. He covers me from one end to the other. He has big feet and big hands and lots of hair and a big belly and big cheeks from what the ultrasound shows. I go twice a week to get an ultrasound and a doctor visit. At 32wks he measured 6lbs 5oz and heartrate at 144. He is passing all of his ultrasound tests except for the fluid test about every other week. Diabetics have a high fluid level for some reason. I can't breath walking up the stairs and shopping just wear me out. I have been battling a nasty cold, bacteria infection for about 5wks now. They were able to put me on a bacteria pill 4 pills a day and it did get better-but once I was off of the pills it got worse. Bryan is now sick-actually had to miss a day at work (very unlike him). Hopefully it is not the flu-but he is going to get checked just in case. We will be headed for higher ground if he does have the flu. Addie and I did have the flu shot but he did not. I'd take a swollen August pregnany over the up's and down's of winter weather/colds/sickness anyday! Pregnancy already wears you out but being sick on top of that is for the birds! Robitussin is currently my best friend!
As for Christmas I am done shopping-everything else shall go into a giftbag! I have let my house go-and there is no shame in my game about saying it either!! haha I am too pregnant and too tired and too sick to do anything about it-but the good news-I am ok with it. It use to bother me if things were not exactly so so but slowly I am letting go of the perfection mentality and just living-it is so much easier and less stressful! I will clean on Christmas break at some point before this baby comes along. As of right now I am just begging him to stay in until at least January 1! 

Santa aka MAGIC to a 4yr Old

Addison's Christams Program at Central for her 4's class
December 5th, 2013
Breakfast with Santa at Catfish in the Barn, MS
December 14, 2013
Patiently awaiting Santa's arrival
He Made It!! YAY
(Although this was not the look of YAY-she was very excited)

Addison loved seeing Santa and he was super sweet to her
-She did nicely tell me that that was NOT the real Santa-ha
Thank you to Mom and Dad for getting up super early to go see Santa!
This year Addison asked for a PONY-then by the time we got home she said Actually I want a Unicorn (thank you Amazon for home delivery hehe)
Addison made a Snowwoman ornament and decorated cookies and then had her picture taken with Santa. What a day! And we even got a nap in after the event.
Addison could not eat her pancakes and eggs fast enough to get to Santa. I love going down there to see Santa-so much cheaper and slower than the mall scene.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Remain Calm Remain Calm Remain Calm

Life has just been a little crazy lately.
Thanksgiving was great with my family having lunch and everyone got to be there
Jill was able to fit into my hand me down maternity clothes (yay) I hated for those things to go to waste also some of Addison's hand me downs got to go to Faith another yay! The guys stayed out in the garage playing pingpong with the winner being Mike P! No Black Friday shopping for me-just too preggo and not enough patience (I blame the lovely 4yr old-she takes all of my patience). Prayers needed that I can make it with 2 kids :-)
December has started off and running! Dec 1st Bryan and I played Mary & Joseph in the Central Living Nativity event at church-it was awesome seeing the kids faces and getting to talk to them about baby Jesus. On Dec 2nd I got a bacteria infection and my blood sugar hit 499 and would not come down-which landed me on the phone at 12:30a.m. with my diabetes doctor. Not a fun night-but it did come down to normal and I was able to get some sleep. Baby Ty is growing at a good pace-he is currently 4wks early. Due date is Jan 25th but it looks like it will be earlier than that (Dear Lord PLEASE let me get through December-I promise you that my husband can NOT do Christmas by himself)-Amen. I am now at 2 baby ultrasounds and doctors visits a week (yes hard to work in with a full time job as well). My sweet Mom is going through some medical issues and needing prayers to get her through this time-she is everything to our family and we need her. She has been to every single baby appointment for me even though sometimes she probably didn't feel like it-she is my rock and I am forever greatful for the way she has always been there for me and loved me. Christmas is fun but it is also stressful-please keep in mind the people that do everything to make Christmas perfect-they need help too. Upcoming events are Breakfast with Santa, Addison's school Christmas Party, Drake's Birthday Party, Lunch with my work groups, Christmas cookie making, Christmas & lots of vacation days :-)
Thanks for the prayers for calmness, health, and safety for baby Ty on the way.