Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, November 8, 2013

Car Talk with the 4 year old

Addison..............well you are sooooo my kid!
Yesterday on the way to school out of the blue Addison said "Am I going to have Diabetes?" The shock on my face could have said it all. So I said No Addison I don't think you will have diabetes. She replied-"So only boys get diabetes?" I said Addison who has diabetes that you know? She said Mr. John our neighbor. I said Mommy has diabetes that's when she said "So Mommy are you going to Heaven today like Mr. John?" WOW she stopped me in my tracks!! I then had to explain that Mommy has had diabetes for a very long time and controls it really good. Mr. John had pancreatic cancer and had to have his pancreus removed-therefore leaving him with Diabetes and then the cancer came back with a vengence. When the ambulance would arrive next door it was because his blood sugar would get too low and he would fall out. In the end the cancer got him. We told Addison that he passed away-but she has questioned it ever since. It amazes me how much and how deep she thinks. May God help provide me with the words I need to teach this questioning child! I told Addison that I didn't think I would be going to Heaven yesterday-but it did have me pretty edgy all day thinking-"Any minute now I could be going to Heaven".

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