Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall 2013/6mths Preggo with Ty

Collierville Library for the 1st time. We read 5 boooks and she loved it!

Addison and Daddy-2 of a Kind

She thinks he is Soooooo Funny

Serious Pumpkin Painter we have here

Pre-mixing all of the colors together

Happy little painter

Finished pumpkin for 2013 at 4yrs old
-Then she asked me to take a picture and send it to Marshall! haha
So we did just that and he said he liked it. :-)
Addison and I October 10th 2013
for my 3rd or so Birthday Dinner @ Newk's with Mom and Dad
As of 10/17/2013 I am now 6 months preggo!
Baby Ty is a big time kicker all day and up until about 9:30p.m.
With this pregnancy I have had round ligament pain, weird thoughts but thankfully I have been able to sleep good! I have had my fair share of headaches especially when the weather changes. Addison has been my little helper everytime I drop something she picks it up. She is one sweet little girl-always strives to do what is right-always wants to be everyone's friend and gets very down if someone says they are not her friend. She loves to talk about God-and read Bible stories. She asked me the other day what God looked like! Oh dear the questions of a 4 year old.
In the car yesterday we talked about what she wants for Christmas
A pile of DIRT and a DUMP Truck (ummmm hmmmm we were driving by a worksite)
A lawnmower so she can cut the grass like Daddy
A baby doll that drinks and eats
A house outside of her own-Pink & Purple
Another dog-but a little one like Shelby (our old neighboors dog) **which by the way this is a big ole fat negative and if someone gets us another dog I will have your head! ha

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