Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Thursday, October 31, 2013

FuN Fall Weekend!!

I took off Friday for Addison's Halloween party at school-she was so excited to have me there. I got to read a book to the class when I arrived-then I got to eat pizza with her class. It was very important that I attend her party-to a 4 year old it's everything. My Mom and Dad always attended everything I had-so my goal is to always be there for my kiddos as well. After school I picked her up and we got ready for Zoo Boo! Travis, Kelly, Marshall, Holly, John, Sam, Sophie, Michael, Chasity, Abigail, Connor and Bryan-Addison and I all met at Zoo Boo! It was FREEZING!! But the kids had a blast mainly on the rides and the train. On Saturday we went with Eric and Kelsey to the Ole Miss Game-that was a first for us! It was super nice and I finally got to see the Square and the Grove. Lots of walking-but a whole lot of fun. Ole Miss won 59-14. On Sunday I was worn out-we were slackers and did not attend church like we should have-we got to sleep in until 9! WOW that is really late for us. (Thanks Mom & Dad for keeping the kiddo). Sunday night was Family Fall Fellowship at the Sneed house-it was AWESOME! They had a bouncy slide, hayride (with a stocked field full of pumpkins for the kids), tons of food and great friends. Everyone was outside for the event and it was such a nice night. Monday my group from work met at Cedar Hill Farms for teambuilding-these folks have some mad talent on pumpkin carving!
More fun to come tonight on Halloween and this weekend! We love Fall around here!
Addie is party ready

Mommy and Addie ready for the Halloween Party at School

Praying for the food

Story time with friends

Abby trying to stay warm (our daddy does not use heat)

Ole Miss Football Game!


Zoo Boo dancing Abigail, Addison and Sam 2013

Great Talent by my work group!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall 2013/6mths Preggo with Ty

Collierville Library for the 1st time. We read 5 boooks and she loved it!

Addison and Daddy-2 of a Kind

She thinks he is Soooooo Funny

Serious Pumpkin Painter we have here

Pre-mixing all of the colors together

Happy little painter

Finished pumpkin for 2013 at 4yrs old
-Then she asked me to take a picture and send it to Marshall! haha
So we did just that and he said he liked it. :-)
Addison and I October 10th 2013
for my 3rd or so Birthday Dinner @ Newk's with Mom and Dad
As of 10/17/2013 I am now 6 months preggo!
Baby Ty is a big time kicker all day and up until about 9:30p.m.
With this pregnancy I have had round ligament pain, weird thoughts but thankfully I have been able to sleep good! I have had my fair share of headaches especially when the weather changes. Addison has been my little helper everytime I drop something she picks it up. She is one sweet little girl-always strives to do what is right-always wants to be everyone's friend and gets very down if someone says they are not her friend. She loves to talk about God-and read Bible stories. She asked me the other day what God looked like! Oh dear the questions of a 4 year old.
In the car yesterday we talked about what she wants for Christmas
A pile of DIRT and a DUMP Truck (ummmm hmmmm we were driving by a worksite)
A lawnmower so she can cut the grass like Daddy
A baby doll that drinks and eats
A house outside of her own-Pink & Purple
Another dog-but a little one like Shelby (our old neighboors dog) **which by the way this is a big ole fat negative and if someone gets us another dog I will have your head! ha

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Date Night and Weekend Review

Bryan and I enjoyed a really nice date night on Saturday night to
Ronnie Grisanti's in the Sheffied Antique Mall in Collierville then did a little shopping while we were there. I had pretty much made up my mind that I wanted to do Vintage Airplanes for the theme of his room. BUT THEN...............I asked the husband his opinion! AND HE HAD ONE.............GASP...................we walked around and looked at different ideas going away from Vintage airplanes to lodge theme and then settling on Vintage SUPERHEROES! Never in my life did I ever think I would be decorating in a Superhero theme....Never. But Bryan said I got to pick out Addion's Room so he got to pick out Ty's room. And sooo the decorating begins! After dinner we went by Baskin Robbins for some Chocolate Fudge/Reeses Ice cream and ate it outside in the nice fallish air. Then we went by the new Academy sports store in Collierville-it was really nice but my blood sugar got low so we had to call it a night and go home. We love date nights when we just get to chill out and talk and usually we don't have any idea where we are going until we drive by somewhere. Thanks Mom and Dad for our night out!

My Official Belly protector

What has been ordered for Ty's Room 

Date Night with my Hottie
On Sunday we joined the church we had been visiting for a while. Addison could not understand why we had to go to church in the am and go back that night. She said Mommy we do not have to go everyday! haha Poor kid her church is also her school until she gets to elementary school.