Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Monday, September 16, 2013

Catch up Post

Labor Day=Family bonding with the Matheny group & thankful for a day off
Zoo=Me, Bryan and Addison for members only night=lots of folks there & tons of fun
AJ's 5th birthday party at IPARK=soooo much fun & really hot
Sunday Sept 8th=Took pics at Jack & Avery's birthday party at Menagerie Farms-super cool place-keep in mind for birthdays
Got my hair did=thank goodness
Last all employee picnic for my work=perfect weather, Addison had a blast on the bumper boats, I got sick off of BBQ again & swore off BBQ forever (sad I know)
Sept 15th=Photoshoot with Bobbie for her Senior Pics-C'ville Town Square and Graceland

Addison scary moment...................
Bryan woke up on a Saturday morning where he had to head into work and Addisons door was wide open and she was no where to be found. He ran back into our room and freaked out asking me if she was in the bed with me-that's when I got up and we scowered the house to try to find Addison-Mr. Military was SCARED to death that someone had taken her. I kept saying Addison Addison-answer Mommy and Daddy where are you. And this little bitty voice at the bottom of the stairs very sleepily said Mommy here I am. OH MY WORD-what are you doing downstairs???? She said that she didn't know and that she slept on the couch and that she didn't come down the stairs. And now its official to say....................we have a sleepwalker at 4!! Someone is just like her DADDY-he sleptwalked really bad when he was little. It was not a good feeling knowing she had walked downstairs and no one knew it-we were very thankful that she did not fall down the stairs. That was 3 wks ago and it hasn't happend since then.

Bumper boats with Daddy and a Pony ride at the company picnic.
Aj's Birthday party
And Hugs from Abby

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