Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, August 23, 2013

Preggo Update

Yesterday we found out that we are having a................
My OB apt was at 3p.m. and it was running a little behind-thankfully
I had my ultrasound 1st and cried when I told her how I wanted to find out-I
requested that she put the picture in an envelope so Bryan and I could find out together. So she did and she was very sure that it is what she thought it is. Mom and I went to the room and waited to see the doctor and Bryan text me and said that he was very close to us!! So I told him COME ON! He walked in and we opened the envelope together as I squealed IT'S A BOY!!! My Mom, Dr. Tom, my nurse Debra and my blood lady Terrie and my ultrasound tech all heard me. haha It was so much fun finding out! Then I got my blood work done and we were good to go for the day. We called most of the family right away and then posted it to Facebook to let the rest of the family know. Now we get to pick a name-it may be a battle to the end!! ha
We are very excited to have a baby boy on the way & big sister Addison is just ready to hold the baby already!

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