Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pool Scare and Pregnancy Brain

Well this Monday was one of those days that it would have been best just to stay home and keep everyone inside. Kelly W and I were out to lunch (with our phones in our purses) note to self-always have the phone out. As we were getting ready to pay I checked my phone for the time and realized Kelly's husband had called-I let her know and when she looked at her phone she had 3 missed calls from him. Yep something was wrong-head on collision at lunchtime. Not cool-car totalled but he is ok. So we headed back to work and later that evening I picked up Bryan and then headed to Addison's swim lessons-to which I ended up in the POOL!!
Now really all the teacher had to do was WATCH the kids in the pool-that was it.
The kids were in a line jumping one at a time into the pool and Addison had jumped and was swimming toward the stairs-face down BUT she was not moving anywhere and would most likely breath in water since she was not lifting her head. So there I went 3 steps into the pool-fully dressed from work in a dress and sandals. Oh my word-but ya wouldn't believe it......NO ONE said a word-not is she ok or you ok not a sorry from the teachers who realized I was in the pool then started moving toward her. I grabbed her by the right arm and lifted her onto the stairs-back she went to the line to jump right back in. Thankfully she is not at the age yet to understand what had happened. This kiddo has no fear.

Ok pregnancy brain for the 2nd time is sooooo much rougher than the first time-and heaven forbid that I would actually hold on to anything I pick up. Everything drops to the floor. So far I only get sick if I brush my teeth too long and I am super tired but other than that we are 12wks and good to go!
Addison is still calling it a SHE and HER and WE are going to play barbies.
If it's a boy I am in trouble!

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