Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, August 9, 2013

Addison is 4!

This happy girl is 4!
She woke up super excited about her Birthday
and that she got to wear her Birthday shirt
I tied bows around fruit snacks for all of the kids
I just couldn't bring myself to send 20 cupcakes on the 2nd day of school!
Addison had a great day at school and even got to pick out a Birthday treat from
her teachers-also got a Birthday certificate and picked out her favorite dinner spot for the night. We were joined by Mom and Dad at CiCi's for Addison's birthday dinner
She loves the Chocolate pizza they have and the games. Addison finally got to open
her gift from her Daddy and I-A new pink Princess dress, new purple princess shoes
and some new outfits for school. I also wrapped her lunchable/fruit cup/yogurt and cheese stick in Happy Birthday wrapping paper! haha She thought it was very funny!
Happy Birthday to our favorite girl who is just as happy as she can be, loves to be around her family and friends and loves Dora-Barbie-Swimming-Dress Up-and laughing at Abby she is so full of life and genuinely a good kid-we are very blessed that God choose us to raise you. WE love YOU love-Mommy & Daddy 2013

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