Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Addison 4th Birthday Pics

Breakfast Party this year for the big "4"!
Fruit table
Ganmomma and Addison on Party Day
Addison ready to swim at her party
Mom tried to push Dad in the pool! ha
Parents Corner to watch the kids
Kids gone WILD
Kelly, Chad, Erma and Sam
My sweet baby girl
Mommy and Addie
Addison & Abby (her friend from swim school)
Drake, Addison, Kyler all swimmed out
Time for CAKE!
Addison and her Favorite ERIN
Addison opening her gifts
Favorite book right now is Fancy Nancy
Gifts galore! We waited will most of the guest left
and let her have at it
Gandaddin, Sam and Ganmomma
Justin and Addison
Daddy and Addie
This kiddo loves some dress up time
Releasing her 4 balloons for a birthday wish
Addisons new dress up dress
from Mommy and Daddy
and new princess shoes
DiVa in training
Addison on the phone with her
cousin AJ
This year's birthday party was a lot calmer and went really nice. I decided to just let the kids do what they wanted to do vs. trying to have a schedule. So they wanted to swim first and then change clothes then eat cake while the adults had breakfast. It worked out really good. 9:30a.m. party and we were all done by 11:40a.m. hello nap for Mommy!

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