Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, August 2, 2013

4th Birthday quickly approaching

Addie feeding Abby
She is a big helper around the house
So glad they like each other :-)
This girl LOVED the Lake!!
Thanks Ali & Lee for the invite!
Family pic at Pickwick
Princess Addison always loves to play dressup
Swim Lessons Jumping in
Addison and Abby her new friend
They sat next to each other every class

Ok sad/happy Mom moment
I am not ready for her to turn 4! There maybe I am selfish but she is just growing up way too fast and she wants to know about everything-although she thinks she knows everything (ya can blame your Momma for this one). Today is her last day at Heartsong preschool and a big water day for them! She was thrilled to go to school this morning.
Mommy is going to be getting ready for a big 4th birthday party tomorrow.
I love throwing parties for her-it may just make me happier than her. But she absolutely loves her birthday time-parties, wearing party shirts and the whole thing. Except for people singing to her. Maybe this year I can talk everyone into whispering the Happy Birthday song. It ought to be an awesome day for her.

Swim lessons are finally over-after everyday for 2 weeks. She was so cute swimming around and was exhausted each night. She is half fish I swear! Next year she will move up a level. I think I will do the Pool School every year until she gets comfortable swimming on her own.

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