Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, August 23, 2013

Preggo Update

Yesterday we found out that we are having a................
My OB apt was at 3p.m. and it was running a little behind-thankfully
I had my ultrasound 1st and cried when I told her how I wanted to find out-I
requested that she put the picture in an envelope so Bryan and I could find out together. So she did and she was very sure that it is what she thought it is. Mom and I went to the room and waited to see the doctor and Bryan text me and said that he was very close to us!! So I told him COME ON! He walked in and we opened the envelope together as I squealed IT'S A BOY!!! My Mom, Dr. Tom, my nurse Debra and my blood lady Terrie and my ultrasound tech all heard me. haha It was so much fun finding out! Then I got my blood work done and we were good to go for the day. We called most of the family right away and then posted it to Facebook to let the rest of the family know. Now we get to pick a name-it may be a battle to the end!! ha
We are very excited to have a baby boy on the way & big sister Addison is just ready to hold the baby already!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Addison 4th Birthday Pics

Breakfast Party this year for the big "4"!
Fruit table
Ganmomma and Addison on Party Day
Addison ready to swim at her party
Mom tried to push Dad in the pool! ha
Parents Corner to watch the kids
Kids gone WILD
Kelly, Chad, Erma and Sam
My sweet baby girl
Mommy and Addie
Addison & Abby (her friend from swim school)
Drake, Addison, Kyler all swimmed out
Time for CAKE!
Addison and her Favorite ERIN
Addison opening her gifts
Favorite book right now is Fancy Nancy
Gifts galore! We waited will most of the guest left
and let her have at it
Gandaddin, Sam and Ganmomma
Justin and Addison
Daddy and Addie
This kiddo loves some dress up time
Releasing her 4 balloons for a birthday wish
Addisons new dress up dress
from Mommy and Daddy
and new princess shoes
DiVa in training
Addison on the phone with her
cousin AJ
This year's birthday party was a lot calmer and went really nice. I decided to just let the kids do what they wanted to do vs. trying to have a schedule. So they wanted to swim first and then change clothes then eat cake while the adults had breakfast. It worked out really good. 9:30a.m. party and we were all done by 11:40a.m. hello nap for Mommy!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Addison is 4!

This happy girl is 4!
She woke up super excited about her Birthday
and that she got to wear her Birthday shirt
I tied bows around fruit snacks for all of the kids
I just couldn't bring myself to send 20 cupcakes on the 2nd day of school!
Addison had a great day at school and even got to pick out a Birthday treat from
her teachers-also got a Birthday certificate and picked out her favorite dinner spot for the night. We were joined by Mom and Dad at CiCi's for Addison's birthday dinner
She loves the Chocolate pizza they have and the games. Addison finally got to open
her gift from her Daddy and I-A new pink Princess dress, new purple princess shoes
and some new outfits for school. I also wrapped her lunchable/fruit cup/yogurt and cheese stick in Happy Birthday wrapping paper! haha She thought it was very funny!
Happy Birthday to our favorite girl who is just as happy as she can be, loves to be around her family and friends and loves Dora-Barbie-Swimming-Dress Up-and laughing at Abby she is so full of life and genuinely a good kid-we are very blessed that God choose us to raise you. WE love YOU love-Mommy & Daddy 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

First Day of PreK

Day is the first day of Pre-K
She couldn't get me out of the door fast enough
She was seriously sooooo excited!!
And I couldn't sleep last night because I was so excited for her
She loves school and loves to learn
I pray that she keeps loving it and learning each year.
Have a great Pre-K year Addison!
We love YoU!

Addison's 4th Birthday and Weekend Fun

This past weekend we celebrated Addison's
4th Birthday with a Dora the Explorer party
She was so excited and loves parties
She tried her absolute hardest not to cry
when everyone sang-this Mommy was
so proud and held up a thumbs up
that everything was ok
It was so sweet and she pulled through 
 Addison's new outfit from Meme and Pawpaw
Bryan & I adult night out after the b-day party
at Neil's with Val and Gaspo
 Bryan and Gaspo breaking it down
Addie and Daddy playing on Sunday
She seems to always be dressed up these days
More pics to come of the party

Friday, August 2, 2013

4th Birthday quickly approaching

Addie feeding Abby
She is a big helper around the house
So glad they like each other :-)
This girl LOVED the Lake!!
Thanks Ali & Lee for the invite!
Family pic at Pickwick
Princess Addison always loves to play dressup
Swim Lessons Jumping in
Addison and Abby her new friend
They sat next to each other every class

Ok sad/happy Mom moment
I am not ready for her to turn 4! There maybe I am selfish but she is just growing up way too fast and she wants to know about everything-although she thinks she knows everything (ya can blame your Momma for this one). Today is her last day at Heartsong preschool and a big water day for them! She was thrilled to go to school this morning.
Mommy is going to be getting ready for a big 4th birthday party tomorrow.
I love throwing parties for her-it may just make me happier than her. But she absolutely loves her birthday time-parties, wearing party shirts and the whole thing. Except for people singing to her. Maybe this year I can talk everyone into whispering the Happy Birthday song. It ought to be an awesome day for her.

Swim lessons are finally over-after everyday for 2 weeks. She was so cute swimming around and was exhausted each night. She is half fish I swear! Next year she will move up a level. I think I will do the Pool School every year until she gets comfortable swimming on her own.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pool Scare and Pregnancy Brain

Well this Monday was one of those days that it would have been best just to stay home and keep everyone inside. Kelly W and I were out to lunch (with our phones in our purses) note to self-always have the phone out. As we were getting ready to pay I checked my phone for the time and realized Kelly's husband had called-I let her know and when she looked at her phone she had 3 missed calls from him. Yep something was wrong-head on collision at lunchtime. Not cool-car totalled but he is ok. So we headed back to work and later that evening I picked up Bryan and then headed to Addison's swim lessons-to which I ended up in the POOL!!
Now really all the teacher had to do was WATCH the kids in the pool-that was it.
The kids were in a line jumping one at a time into the pool and Addison had jumped and was swimming toward the stairs-face down BUT she was not moving anywhere and would most likely breath in water since she was not lifting her head. So there I went 3 steps into the pool-fully dressed from work in a dress and sandals. Oh my word-but ya wouldn't believe it......NO ONE said a word-not is she ok or you ok not a sorry from the teachers who realized I was in the pool then started moving toward her. I grabbed her by the right arm and lifted her onto the stairs-back she went to the line to jump right back in. Thankfully she is not at the age yet to understand what had happened. This kiddo has no fear.

Ok pregnancy brain for the 2nd time is sooooo much rougher than the first time-and heaven forbid that I would actually hold on to anything I pick up. Everything drops to the floor. So far I only get sick if I brush my teeth too long and I am super tired but other than that we are 12wks and good to go!
Addison is still calling it a SHE and HER and WE are going to play barbies.
If it's a boy I am in trouble!