Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

But this time She found us :-)

We've invited a furry friend to be a part of our family
Bryan mentioned that he would like to have another "Marley" to run with
Sooooo I was given a task & much to his surprise-I completed it!
I checked on craigslist on the 11th of July and didn't find too much-then on July 12th I looked again and found exactly what we were looking for. 11mth old, female, fawn boxer, housetrained~! I text the guy and he said I'd better act fast that there were many people asking about her. So I ever so nicely told Kelly W that I NEEDED her at lunch! haha She left the tanning bed-without tanning b.c. she is a good friend like that! And picked me up and took me to see the dog at lunchtime. Then on the same day I picked her up and headed to the daycare to pick up Addison-to which Addison could not believe there was a dog in her car! Her name is Abby and she is a stinkin cutie! She doesn't jump and she is very good around people and kids. The first night she slept in our bed-but then we talked her into sleeping in her own bed next to us-which works out really well. First few days she was nervous and scared-but now she is sweet and calm and good to go. I took her to get her shots and then found out that she is heartworm positive-still trying to decide the best option for that. I am pretty sure the guy got rid of her because of the heartworms but he said it was because of a job change-ummmm righhhhhttttttt. I am pretty sure that these 2 will be best buds. Although Abby does follow my every move :-)
Abby & Addie July 2013

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