Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Coming Soon to a Crib near you.......................

Baby Harper #2 is on the way
We are now 11wks along and so far so good
Prayers needed for extra energy to hold down a job and to chase a 3 year old!
We are super excited and Addison could not be more thrilled
She tells everyone-and I do mean everyone like the lady at Subway making our sandwiches and the waiter at the Mexican restaurant.
Addison will be 4 1/2 when the baby is born.....hello best little helper EVER.
Due date is Feb 12, 2014 but I really am thinking it will be at the end of January C-Section at 37-38wks. I have already started having some crazy Snake dreams-that included me jumping over Bryan across the bed!! Yep he thinks I'm loosing it. haha
And NOPE my regular clothes no longer fit-oh joy!
Addison swears that the baby is a GIRL-but Mommy seems to think it may be a BOY. I haven't been near as sick as I was with Addison.
So prayers that the diabetes will do great and the baby will continue to grow and be healthy BOY or GIRL doesn't matter to me as long as he or she is healthy. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

But this time She found us :-)

We've invited a furry friend to be a part of our family
Bryan mentioned that he would like to have another "Marley" to run with
Sooooo I was given a task & much to his surprise-I completed it!
I checked on craigslist on the 11th of July and didn't find too much-then on July 12th I looked again and found exactly what we were looking for. 11mth old, female, fawn boxer, housetrained~! I text the guy and he said I'd better act fast that there were many people asking about her. So I ever so nicely told Kelly W that I NEEDED her at lunch! haha She left the tanning bed-without tanning b.c. she is a good friend like that! And picked me up and took me to see the dog at lunchtime. Then on the same day I picked her up and headed to the daycare to pick up Addison-to which Addison could not believe there was a dog in her car! Her name is Abby and she is a stinkin cutie! She doesn't jump and she is very good around people and kids. The first night she slept in our bed-but then we talked her into sleeping in her own bed next to us-which works out really well. First few days she was nervous and scared-but now she is sweet and calm and good to go. I took her to get her shots and then found out that she is heartworm positive-still trying to decide the best option for that. I am pretty sure the guy got rid of her because of the heartworms but he said it was because of a job change-ummmm righhhhhttttttt. I am pretty sure that these 2 will be best buds. Although Abby does follow my every move :-)
Abby & Addie July 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013

Addison's Funny

So the other night we were sitting at the dinner table and I was trying to tell Bryan something so that Addison wouldn't get what I was saying-so I spelled out a word to him and without hesitation Addison said A D D I S O N!!!
BAHA she was like Uhhh Huuuu Mom
2 can play at this game~!
Seriously we don't stand a chance!

Busy Summer

This summer sure has gone by quickly
Addison is loving movies......Princess Sophia, DoRa Princess movie, Lion King are her favs right now
Today I text my friend Kelly to go do something crazy at lunch with me and she agreed!! HAHA we had to go to someones house for a Craigslist hunt. I am picking up that something today-more on that in a later post
Summer has been filled with friends at the pool, lots of popsicles, still moving back in our house, refurnishing furniture (not as easy as it looks)-glad the shabby chic furniture is in-bc I am too lazy to actually finish it correctly! Sad yes I know!
Eating at Whaleys, Chick Fil A, Mexican (as much as Bryan can).
More to come on more family updates soon...........................