Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day/Princess Event/Here Lately

Collierville Tennessee
Music on the Square
"Wolf River Rednecks"
almost all of Collierville showed up to hear them!

Addison didn't have much to do with the music
but loved playing on the trains 
June 8th 2013
Lineman Rodeo

(LoVe having a husband that can fix anything)
He and Chad (soon to be Bro-in-law (this week!)
Fixed Dad's trailer for him for Father's Day
-It turned out really awesome and Dad was very happy
with it. Lots of hard work went into it.

Me, Tammi and My Mom took
Addison to Jonesboro, AR
For "Princess for a Day" benefitting "Make a Wish" foundation
Addison had a BLAST!
She got her hair done, nails done, makeup done, got to learn a ballerina dance
got to take a picture with all of the Princesses
A little girls dream come true 
After the event we drove back in the flood to meet
Dad/aka Gandadin at Memphis Pizza Cafe for dinner
This was Dad looking at all of the pics and Addison saying
HeY that's ME!

Father's Day weekend was great! The whole family ate at
Russo's on Saturday morning-YES this is our favorite breakfast place.
Then Bryan did some AC work on Saturday then we got to swim and cookout
Sunday Bryan was showered with sweet cards and a 12x12 pic of him with Addison while they were reading one night-we then dropped off the trailer at Dad's and then moved another load from Oakland. Then we made it back to Collierville to eat dinner with Mom and Dad at Chilis. Fun filled week this week with Kelly's Wedding coming up! Pictures soon to come.


  1. What?!?!!? You came to J'bogie and didn't hit me up!!! You should have called, we could have had lunch or something!

    1. Hey Stephanie! It was a quick trip-and rained heavily on the way back! Call me sometime-we can drive on over. It wasn't far at all.