Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


With this move I feel like I am never going to have enough boxes-
I am pretty sure I now know everyone at the Germantown and Collierville Lowes since I have to get boxes every other day!
I get home from work and start packing-haha (umm in a perfect world)
1st is get in the door without dropping anything
Let the dog out/eat/in
Feed Addison b.c. she is always starving (hello growth spurt!)
Make sure Addison goes potty
Let Toby back out to go potty
(YAY now everyone has gone potty)
Change clothes
Bathe Addison
Dry Addisons hair
Read 4,000 books
Pray with her (always the best part)
Turn on princess lights
Kiss her on the forehead
Think about packing boxes again
BY this time I am too tired to even look at a box
Then I think-Hmmmm have I even eaten dinner! Nope-
And off to bed I go for devotional time/Pinterest/Light OFF-due to husband moodyness after 10ish!
Ha notice anything?? YEP no boxes were packed last night
Well here's for better box packing tactics today

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