Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, April 19, 2013

Housing Update

~Well-I just don't know what I'd do if I had a boring life~
So we were about 95% moved out and then got a call Wed that the Condo that our buyers were selling was going back on the market-their buyer backed out and could not prove her funds for the purchase. WHAT A MESS!! PEOPLE-get your paperwork and approvals on the front end. Thank you GOD that Mom & Dad let us move in and thank goodness that we did not try to buy another house or get into an apartment lease. So the contract fell through=dead in the water!
Then on Thursday night after we had calmed down-Bryan said why don't we just move back Ummmmmm DOOOOO WHAT???????????
I just spent the last 4 weeks moving us!! Ok so fine (I pack the boxes and he moves them)-but still I packed the whole house!! And even sold many many things or threw them away.
So looks like we will be moving back in and he will be letting me paint some rooms :-) why.....Because I like paint and it makes me feel HAPPY.
All I can say is that is one way to do an EXTREME Spring Cleaning!
In the end it does make sense because we bought at a very low interest rate and got a good deal when we bought it-now everything has been fixed on the inspection report-haha. Oh well life goes on......we will just grin and bear it for a year before Addison gets into school and Bryan gets a raise:-)
Glad my life is not boring----I don't know what I'd write about if it was.
Thank you to Mom & Dad for letting us move in and loose our minds for a week-also to Mom for moving things around to fit all of our stuff-and yes we have lots of stuff!
Addison should be very confused at this point-but this does ensure that she will be attending Collierville schools which makes me happy. So if anyone gets bored this weekend-I need painters and movers:-) haha

Friday, April 12, 2013

Moving Day #2 has arrived

Last Friday/Sat/Sun we moved out of the Collierville house
I packed most everything just to be able to live in the house for 1 more week
Then on Wednesday we hit a bump in the road from the buyer of our buyers Condo
Anyway-there is a domestic issue there and hopefully moving the loan to Memphis will help iron out the wrinkles. So no go on closing on Wednesday-now it has been moved back to May 5th. Good because I was hoping I would get to pay another house note!!
Seriously I am not amused!
But we are continuing on with our plan of moving to Mom and Dads on Saturday
So pray for good weather/no attitudes/and a safe day:`)
Addison is still very confused but is playing along with not having her books/toys
Everynight she thinks we are going to Ganmomma & Gandaddins house.
Shhh Toby is super excited too-but he just doesn't know it yet

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


With this move I feel like I am never going to have enough boxes-
I am pretty sure I now know everyone at the Germantown and Collierville Lowes since I have to get boxes every other day!
I get home from work and start packing-haha (umm in a perfect world)
1st is get in the door without dropping anything
Let the dog out/eat/in
Feed Addison b.c. she is always starving (hello growth spurt!)
Make sure Addison goes potty
Let Toby back out to go potty
(YAY now everyone has gone potty)
Change clothes
Bathe Addison
Dry Addisons hair
Read 4,000 books
Pray with her (always the best part)
Turn on princess lights
Kiss her on the forehead
Think about packing boxes again
BY this time I am too tired to even look at a box
Then I think-Hmmmm have I even eaten dinner! Nope-
And off to bed I go for devotional time/Pinterest/Light OFF-due to husband moodyness after 10ish!
Ha notice anything?? YEP no boxes were packed last night
Well here's for better box packing tactics today

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

What a short week!
Monday I ventured to a new addition to our company in Nashville-then took an all day class in Nashville in which everyone shared their problems about
"Organization for the overwhelmed"-interesting but I didn't come away with much.
I did however hit up the Opry Mills while I was there! OUTLETS are my friend & so are great coupons on-line!
Then I got back and worked Wednesday-then at 5pm I received a call from the daycare that Addison was violently sick. Like really-I was thinking Violently now that's a little bit of a strong word. But no worries-I found out exactly why she had used that word. Addison got sick in class, then on me-and her while getting to the car, then in the car, then as we walked in the door, then every 10-15min until 3:30a.m.
She earned a spot in our room right next to me. What a night! She was one very sick little girl. It had to be something she ate-because it was fast and furious. So Thursday she was kept home for me to watch her and so she could eat toast and popscicles all day. Thursday night I was able to make it to softball then on Friday we kept packing (secretly I think that is all we do these days)! 2 weeks to go!
Saturday was rainy and nasty so we stayed at Mom and Dads most of the day after we moved some things in. As did the rest of the family including Uncle Mike! Ha don't really think Mom had planned on Easter lasting 2 days! But we got pizza Saturday night and had a great time. Sunday we made it to church along with the rest of Collierville and had a great service-then back to Mom & Dads for Easter Lunch and an indoor egg hunt. It was a much needed time off with my kiddo and family.
Hope everyone had a nice Easter!