Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fun Weekend

This past Saturday the whole family (-the kids) headed to Jackson form Ambers 30th Birthday Surprise party. Obviously we didn't really surpise her because the first words out of her mouth was "Sorry to burst your bubble but I already knew." Note-if you are given a surprise party-just go along with it-too many people work way to hard to pull them off. Aunt Nancy and Aunt Debbie did an awesome job pulling this party together! It was super fun & Mom and I got to line dance the night away. Erin was our sitter for Saturday night-Addison was thrilled to have her over! Someone to play barbies with:-)
She is big time into Barbies right now and Dora no telling what kind of party we are having this year for the big 4!
 Dad was the DJ for the party-I say we call him DJ BT! So if anyone needs a local Memphis DJ let me know! I secretly think he enjoys it! He is going to DJ Kelly's upcoming wedding in June and then he is getting his Garage Band back together for an upcoming reunion (ummm mid-life crisis?? MAYBE)

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