Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, March 15, 2013

Constant Change

I've about figured out that Bryan and I just like change
We like to change what we drive, where we live, what we wear and pretty much anything we can all of the time (I secretly think it drives my parents crazy!) ha
Today is Bryan's last day with Precision HVAC-he is ready for his next big change which is working for Underground Electric with MLGW! He was thrilled to come home the other day and show me that he has 12 days off this year! ha Compared to only getting Christmas day off from his last job-this is a BIG DEAL! Annnnddddd after 8 long years of never getting to have facial hair-he now can grow out a beard. Ohhh dear!
But he is thrilled about it-he didn't shave this morning for his last day on the HVAC job-but I saw him take a razor with him:-) haha he works so hard and is always a people pleaser-he didn't want to get in trouble today. He is such a good guy & I'm so glad he is mine. Now the next change will be with our vehicles this weekend! Looks like our truck days may be over for right now and on to a car with GREAT gas mileage-so needed. We also had a home change-we were able to get out Cordova House rented for 2 years! Which will really help us to pay for the next change-we are changing Addison's school in June. She is excited now-but we will see when the day actually arrives. So here's to change! (and sorry Mom and Dad-one day we will figure this thing called Life out);-))

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