Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The weekend is almost here

And now days when I say the Weekend is almost here means.....
YEP its time to start cleaning out, packing, moving, throwing out
OHHH the Fun!
I can hardly stand it!
Hopefully this move will go smooth
I plan to take most of it to goodwill and we are selling a lot of our furniture
Life has up's and downs and you never know what God is holding in store for our future

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Well yesterday was one HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Rainy Monday!
We recieved an offer on our house yesterday morning
then we received another offer about an hour later!
Yesterday I had asked God specifically what I wanted
Well he didn't just say "well ok Heather" he said OK THEN HEATHER here are 2 offers now take your pick!
So we accepted the second offer and we close on April 17th.
So now instead of cleaning every night we are now going to be cleaning out and packing to go where? Wellllll we don't know that part yet. We were lucky enough to get the rental house rented again for 2 years. So in about 4wks we become homeless.
But no fear (if you know me at all-I will have everything figured out by in the morning)! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Constant Change

I've about figured out that Bryan and I just like change
We like to change what we drive, where we live, what we wear and pretty much anything we can all of the time (I secretly think it drives my parents crazy!) ha
Today is Bryan's last day with Precision HVAC-he is ready for his next big change which is working for Underground Electric with MLGW! He was thrilled to come home the other day and show me that he has 12 days off this year! ha Compared to only getting Christmas day off from his last job-this is a BIG DEAL! Annnnddddd after 8 long years of never getting to have facial hair-he now can grow out a beard. Ohhh dear!
But he is thrilled about it-he didn't shave this morning for his last day on the HVAC job-but I saw him take a razor with him:-) haha he works so hard and is always a people pleaser-he didn't want to get in trouble today. He is such a good guy & I'm so glad he is mine. Now the next change will be with our vehicles this weekend! Looks like our truck days may be over for right now and on to a car with GREAT gas mileage-so needed. We also had a home change-we were able to get out Cordova House rented for 2 years! Which will really help us to pay for the next change-we are changing Addison's school in June. She is excited now-but we will see when the day actually arrives. So here's to change! (and sorry Mom and Dad-one day we will figure this thing called Life out);-))

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Picture Season is HERE!

This weekend I will dust off my camera for some super cute pics of a friend and her family and then I have a super fabulous if Miss A will par-take in my idea! haha
Can't tell you what it is but there will be fab pics soooonnnnnnnn!!!
Then I have a wedding in June to shoot and another one when they set a date! WOW
Wedding season is here! Time to learn more photo tricks to make my work WOW ya!

Fun Weekend

This past Saturday the whole family (-the kids) headed to Jackson form Ambers 30th Birthday Surprise party. Obviously we didn't really surpise her because the first words out of her mouth was "Sorry to burst your bubble but I already knew." Note-if you are given a surprise party-just go along with it-too many people work way to hard to pull them off. Aunt Nancy and Aunt Debbie did an awesome job pulling this party together! It was super fun & Mom and I got to line dance the night away. Erin was our sitter for Saturday night-Addison was thrilled to have her over! Someone to play barbies with:-)
She is big time into Barbies right now and Dora no telling what kind of party we are having this year for the big 4!
 Dad was the DJ for the party-I say we call him DJ BT! So if anyone needs a local Memphis DJ let me know! I secretly think he enjoys it! He is going to DJ Kelly's upcoming wedding in June and then he is getting his Garage Band back together for an upcoming reunion (ummm mid-life crisis?? MAYBE)

Put down the phone

This is a note to myself..................
It was not a good idea to get an I-phone
Sometimes it is useful-aka the map feature or coupons while out shopping
But Facebook, Pinterest and Games are a total waste of my time
Addison is now attached to the phone more than I am
She likes to watch movies and play her games-although most of them are matching games or learning games. I am guilty of not playing with my kid as much as I should because of selling stuff on line and looking at Pinterest or looking at pics on FB.
I AM GUILTY! And I will strive to be a more "THERE" Mom because when Addison grows up I want her to know I am always there for her and I do listen to her and have time for her.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Am I loosing it?

Ok so it runs in the family when we get real tickled at something our laughter turns to tears not pretty calm tears but all out sobbing big watery tears all over our faces. So here's what happened-I was having a conversation with a lady at work about our crazy house situation and everything going on. She asked "well aren't you expecting too"?? UMMMM WHAT?? Maybe I just GLOW all of the time is what I'd like to think. So when I got home I burned the outfit I was wearing!! Ha ok fine J/K but I'll think twice about wearing it again. Black & White skirt with boxey black flowing top (so what if I didn't want anything touching me that day). Anyway back to my story-I called my sister and told her I guess it made me laugh so hard when I told her that I started doing the ugly cry and I mean UGLY-while I was driving down the street. Seriously I had to re-do all of my makeup. It was just so funny-especially when I told her that I might as well quit dieting and just go eat at Cracker Barrel by myself-I mean if I look pregnant I might as well go all out!
So then the next day Bryan took Addison to school-Guess he noticed I was loosing it already and needed a break. Well I was talking to my sister on the way to work (ya know to actually get there early to get some work done-busy time of the year for us). And wouldn't ya know it-I passed my husband on the road to the daycare!! I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE MY KID!! My car turned toward the daycare and not toward work!! I told my sister-I have lost it and if she didn't think I was crazy-now is the time to start thinking it. So with these 2 instances back to back I now have this overwhelming urge to clean up and clean out every nook & cranny in our house-which is a good thing. But seriously my husband is pretty sure I am loosing it :`)
Don't you think it's fitting that the pic is sideways