Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Monday, February 11, 2013

Baha At Target/Bryan Bday

So Sunday afternoon the house was showing and Addison and I had to vamp the scene so we headed to Target to get some plates for Daddy's birthday party.
While we were wandering through the produce aisle then a little ways down Addison yells
WhAt THA! Is what was on my face
The lady with the apples started laughing so hard (thank goodness)!
I looked at the lady and although I didn't know her I said "I can't believe you are taking all of the apples"! haha it was funny/embarrassing/sooo Addison being 3.
Saturday night was an absolute blast-we joined with Amy & Brandon's church for the Valentines Day steak dinner and a game of Newlyweds!
Bryan and I tied with the Preacher and his wife
Some of my favorite questions were: Where do you want to go on your 50th wedding anniversary: Mexico
What kind of store would Bryan open: Hunting
Would Bryan rather go shopping with you or clean the toilet: Clean the toilet-the only guy who picked this one! haha THANK YOU military!
What Spiritual gift does your wife have: Bryan answered the Gift of Love because I see it in a different way (awwwww that is so sweet!) although we got it wrong b.c. I said I have the gift of GAB! Baha
I was asked what is Bryan's favorite restaurant: I said Mexican just plain ole Mexican and he said MEXICAN!! Whoot Whoot go us! haha
Ohhhh and a funny one-Bryan was asked what was the first meal that your wife cooked you: HE SAID NOTHING as in I never cooked him anything! REALLY I think not!
It was sooooo much fun and really made us realize how well we know each other.
Sunday night was Ribs for Bryan's Birthday and some amazing Kimberly Cupcakes! YUM
Ohhh Kimberly Cupcakes I actually found at Walgreen's for the first time-then was able to find a lot more of them at Kroger (Otherwise I was going Walgreen's to Walgreen's to buy enough)!
Bryan bought a gun for himself for his birthday and I bought him a John Wayne Print and some gum/balloons and other goodies.

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