Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An Unexpected Day

Yesterday I took a 1/2 day from work due to 2 lovely-super exciting yearly appointments. First was my diabetes appointment. When I was sitting in the waiting room a Mom-Dad and a 2 1/2 year old little girl walked in. You could tell it was their first time there. The little girl was scared to death and cried almost the whole time begging her parents to take her home. Just her crying alone almost made me cry. Then when I got my finger pricked I asked my nurse if the little girl had diabetes she said yes and it was like a rush of emotions over me. I can't imagine what the parents would have to go through with a child being pricked and having to give your child a shot and not knowing if they are low or high because the child doesn't know her own body to be able to tell them. Well I was seated back in the waiting room again (which is odd-b.c. normally they just get you into a room). But the family came back out there because the little girl was so upset and crying as well as the Mother at this point. I took out my phone and turned it to the Mickey Mouse movie that I had on there for Addison for the little girl to watch. Then I broke down in front of them and explained that I have had diabetes for 24 years this month. I hugged the Mom and we all sat there and cried together. The Dad was even in tears at this point. Come to find out they had just found out that morning that the little girl had diabetes-her blood sugar was over 600. Then I gave them some advice (hopefully helpful) and gave her my name and number and let the Mom know that she could call me any time and I offered to keep the little girl if they wanted a night out. Since there are not too many people that really GET Type1 Diabetes I thought it would be nice to have someone to be able to drop her off to and not worry. I told them in about 2 years she will understand that this is just normal and she will not know life without it. It will just take some getting use to and you can do this! Goodness-God placed me yesterday and since God knows me to a T he knew that I would say something to them. I don't know if I said the right things or not-but I knew that they needed a hug and a "it will be ok" yesterday. So my part of the appointment went well-my diabetes has improved from 8.5 to 8.2! Which is good for me. 6 H1AC is perfect. My doctor told me that 3 new type1 diabetics under the age of 6 came in this morning before 12pm! My goodness that is sad and I am more than sure that 3 sets of parents did not sleep last night knowing that their kid now has diabetes. So if you can remember in your prayers-these 3 families and their kids who's lives will forever be changed.
My second appointment went really well too. My eyesite improved! YAY

Monday, February 11, 2013

Baha At Target/Bryan Bday

So Sunday afternoon the house was showing and Addison and I had to vamp the scene so we headed to Target to get some plates for Daddy's birthday party.
While we were wandering through the produce aisle then a little ways down Addison yells
WhAt THA! Is what was on my face
The lady with the apples started laughing so hard (thank goodness)!
I looked at the lady and although I didn't know her I said "I can't believe you are taking all of the apples"! haha it was funny/embarrassing/sooo Addison being 3.
Saturday night was an absolute blast-we joined with Amy & Brandon's church for the Valentines Day steak dinner and a game of Newlyweds!
Bryan and I tied with the Preacher and his wife
Some of my favorite questions were: Where do you want to go on your 50th wedding anniversary: Mexico
What kind of store would Bryan open: Hunting
Would Bryan rather go shopping with you or clean the toilet: Clean the toilet-the only guy who picked this one! haha THANK YOU military!
What Spiritual gift does your wife have: Bryan answered the Gift of Love because I see it in a different way (awwwww that is so sweet!) although we got it wrong b.c. I said I have the gift of GAB! Baha
I was asked what is Bryan's favorite restaurant: I said Mexican just plain ole Mexican and he said MEXICAN!! Whoot Whoot go us! haha
Ohhhh and a funny one-Bryan was asked what was the first meal that your wife cooked you: HE SAID NOTHING as in I never cooked him anything! REALLY I think not!
It was sooooo much fun and really made us realize how well we know each other.
Sunday night was Ribs for Bryan's Birthday and some amazing Kimberly Cupcakes! YUM
Ohhh Kimberly Cupcakes I actually found at Walgreen's for the first time-then was able to find a lot more of them at Kroger (Otherwise I was going Walgreen's to Walgreen's to buy enough)!
Bryan bought a gun for himself for his birthday and I bought him a John Wayne Print and some gum/balloons and other goodies.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Updated Pics of 3 1/2 and Addie Fun

Addison is soooo my kid!
She cannot keep a birthday present a secret-it just eats her up inside. So very very funny.
Today is Bryan's Birthday and he is scared to death that I am going to give him another suprise party-haha I think it is funny that he even asked. I took Addison to pick up some balloons and a gift for him-and then when he got home she couldn't wait to tell him WE GOT Balloons for you and a present-and Daddy I think it may be something to eat!! haha she had picked him out a chocolate covered candy.
And here are some recent random pics......
AJ and Addison on Super Bowl Sunday 2013

Wowza a MONSTER booboo made at daycare
She was dancing/twirling and tripped over her shoe into a table

After the doctors office-and she got a much needed sucker
Everything was fine

Lazy days at our house. Addison and Toby Jan 2013

Mommy and Addie
(Sometimes it's just easier to dress her like me)

My little Diva

My sweet 3 1/2 year old ready for church-she loves going to church