Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2nd Pregnancy 101

Ok so this pregnancy is COMPLETELY different from the last one
Ty is measuring 4 weeks early-new due date is January 12th 2014! His original due date was February 12th 2014. Ty is head down (way down) his legs are against my rib cage on the left hand side and his bottom is on the right side top. He covers me from one end to the other. He has big feet and big hands and lots of hair and a big belly and big cheeks from what the ultrasound shows. I go twice a week to get an ultrasound and a doctor visit. At 32wks he measured 6lbs 5oz and heartrate at 144. He is passing all of his ultrasound tests except for the fluid test about every other week. Diabetics have a high fluid level for some reason. I can't breath walking up the stairs and shopping just wear me out. I have been battling a nasty cold, bacteria infection for about 5wks now. They were able to put me on a bacteria pill 4 pills a day and it did get better-but once I was off of the pills it got worse. Bryan is now sick-actually had to miss a day at work (very unlike him). Hopefully it is not the flu-but he is going to get checked just in case. We will be headed for higher ground if he does have the flu. Addie and I did have the flu shot but he did not. I'd take a swollen August pregnany over the up's and down's of winter weather/colds/sickness anyday! Pregnancy already wears you out but being sick on top of that is for the birds! Robitussin is currently my best friend!
As for Christmas I am done shopping-everything else shall go into a giftbag! I have let my house go-and there is no shame in my game about saying it either!! haha I am too pregnant and too tired and too sick to do anything about it-but the good news-I am ok with it. It use to bother me if things were not exactly so so but slowly I am letting go of the perfection mentality and just living-it is so much easier and less stressful! I will clean on Christmas break at some point before this baby comes along. As of right now I am just begging him to stay in until at least January 1! 

Santa aka MAGIC to a 4yr Old

Addison's Christams Program at Central for her 4's class
December 5th, 2013
Breakfast with Santa at Catfish in the Barn, MS
December 14, 2013
Patiently awaiting Santa's arrival
He Made It!! YAY
(Although this was not the look of YAY-she was very excited)

Addison loved seeing Santa and he was super sweet to her
-She did nicely tell me that that was NOT the real Santa-ha
Thank you to Mom and Dad for getting up super early to go see Santa!
This year Addison asked for a PONY-then by the time we got home she said Actually I want a Unicorn (thank you Amazon for home delivery hehe)
Addison made a Snowwoman ornament and decorated cookies and then had her picture taken with Santa. What a day! And we even got a nap in after the event.
Addison could not eat her pancakes and eggs fast enough to get to Santa. I love going down there to see Santa-so much cheaper and slower than the mall scene.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Remain Calm Remain Calm Remain Calm

Life has just been a little crazy lately.
Thanksgiving was great with my family having lunch and everyone got to be there
Jill was able to fit into my hand me down maternity clothes (yay) I hated for those things to go to waste also some of Addison's hand me downs got to go to Faith another yay! The guys stayed out in the garage playing pingpong with the winner being Mike P! No Black Friday shopping for me-just too preggo and not enough patience (I blame the lovely 4yr old-she takes all of my patience). Prayers needed that I can make it with 2 kids :-)
December has started off and running! Dec 1st Bryan and I played Mary & Joseph in the Central Living Nativity event at church-it was awesome seeing the kids faces and getting to talk to them about baby Jesus. On Dec 2nd I got a bacteria infection and my blood sugar hit 499 and would not come down-which landed me on the phone at 12:30a.m. with my diabetes doctor. Not a fun night-but it did come down to normal and I was able to get some sleep. Baby Ty is growing at a good pace-he is currently 4wks early. Due date is Jan 25th but it looks like it will be earlier than that (Dear Lord PLEASE let me get through December-I promise you that my husband can NOT do Christmas by himself)-Amen. I am now at 2 baby ultrasounds and doctors visits a week (yes hard to work in with a full time job as well). My sweet Mom is going through some medical issues and needing prayers to get her through this time-she is everything to our family and we need her. She has been to every single baby appointment for me even though sometimes she probably didn't feel like it-she is my rock and I am forever greatful for the way she has always been there for me and loved me. Christmas is fun but it is also stressful-please keep in mind the people that do everything to make Christmas perfect-they need help too. Upcoming events are Breakfast with Santa, Addison's school Christmas Party, Drake's Birthday Party, Lunch with my work groups, Christmas cookie making, Christmas & lots of vacation days :-)
Thanks for the prayers for calmness, health, and safety for baby Ty on the way.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Car Talk with the 4 year old

Addison..............well you are sooooo my kid!
Yesterday on the way to school out of the blue Addison said "Am I going to have Diabetes?" The shock on my face could have said it all. So I said No Addison I don't think you will have diabetes. She replied-"So only boys get diabetes?" I said Addison who has diabetes that you know? She said Mr. John our neighbor. I said Mommy has diabetes that's when she said "So Mommy are you going to Heaven today like Mr. John?" WOW she stopped me in my tracks!! I then had to explain that Mommy has had diabetes for a very long time and controls it really good. Mr. John had pancreatic cancer and had to have his pancreus removed-therefore leaving him with Diabetes and then the cancer came back with a vengence. When the ambulance would arrive next door it was because his blood sugar would get too low and he would fall out. In the end the cancer got him. We told Addison that he passed away-but she has questioned it ever since. It amazes me how much and how deep she thinks. May God help provide me with the words I need to teach this questioning child! I told Addison that I didn't think I would be going to Heaven yesterday-but it did have me pretty edgy all day thinking-"Any minute now I could be going to Heaven".

Thursday, October 31, 2013

FuN Fall Weekend!!

I took off Friday for Addison's Halloween party at school-she was so excited to have me there. I got to read a book to the class when I arrived-then I got to eat pizza with her class. It was very important that I attend her party-to a 4 year old it's everything. My Mom and Dad always attended everything I had-so my goal is to always be there for my kiddos as well. After school I picked her up and we got ready for Zoo Boo! Travis, Kelly, Marshall, Holly, John, Sam, Sophie, Michael, Chasity, Abigail, Connor and Bryan-Addison and I all met at Zoo Boo! It was FREEZING!! But the kids had a blast mainly on the rides and the train. On Saturday we went with Eric and Kelsey to the Ole Miss Game-that was a first for us! It was super nice and I finally got to see the Square and the Grove. Lots of walking-but a whole lot of fun. Ole Miss won 59-14. On Sunday I was worn out-we were slackers and did not attend church like we should have-we got to sleep in until 9! WOW that is really late for us. (Thanks Mom & Dad for keeping the kiddo). Sunday night was Family Fall Fellowship at the Sneed house-it was AWESOME! They had a bouncy slide, hayride (with a stocked field full of pumpkins for the kids), tons of food and great friends. Everyone was outside for the event and it was such a nice night. Monday my group from work met at Cedar Hill Farms for teambuilding-these folks have some mad talent on pumpkin carving!
More fun to come tonight on Halloween and this weekend! We love Fall around here!
Addie is party ready

Mommy and Addie ready for the Halloween Party at School

Praying for the food

Story time with friends

Abby trying to stay warm (our daddy does not use heat)

Ole Miss Football Game!


Zoo Boo dancing Abigail, Addison and Sam 2013

Great Talent by my work group!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall 2013/6mths Preggo with Ty

Collierville Library for the 1st time. We read 5 boooks and she loved it!

Addison and Daddy-2 of a Kind

She thinks he is Soooooo Funny

Serious Pumpkin Painter we have here

Pre-mixing all of the colors together

Happy little painter

Finished pumpkin for 2013 at 4yrs old
-Then she asked me to take a picture and send it to Marshall! haha
So we did just that and he said he liked it. :-)
Addison and I October 10th 2013
for my 3rd or so Birthday Dinner @ Newk's with Mom and Dad
As of 10/17/2013 I am now 6 months preggo!
Baby Ty is a big time kicker all day and up until about 9:30p.m.
With this pregnancy I have had round ligament pain, weird thoughts but thankfully I have been able to sleep good! I have had my fair share of headaches especially when the weather changes. Addison has been my little helper everytime I drop something she picks it up. She is one sweet little girl-always strives to do what is right-always wants to be everyone's friend and gets very down if someone says they are not her friend. She loves to talk about God-and read Bible stories. She asked me the other day what God looked like! Oh dear the questions of a 4 year old.
In the car yesterday we talked about what she wants for Christmas
A pile of DIRT and a DUMP Truck (ummmm hmmmm we were driving by a worksite)
A lawnmower so she can cut the grass like Daddy
A baby doll that drinks and eats
A house outside of her own-Pink & Purple
Another dog-but a little one like Shelby (our old neighboors dog) **which by the way this is a big ole fat negative and if someone gets us another dog I will have your head! ha

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Date Night and Weekend Review

Bryan and I enjoyed a really nice date night on Saturday night to
Ronnie Grisanti's in the Sheffied Antique Mall in Collierville then did a little shopping while we were there. I had pretty much made up my mind that I wanted to do Vintage Airplanes for the theme of his room. BUT THEN...............I asked the husband his opinion! AND HE HAD ONE.............GASP...................we walked around and looked at different ideas going away from Vintage airplanes to lodge theme and then settling on Vintage SUPERHEROES! Never in my life did I ever think I would be decorating in a Superhero theme....Never. But Bryan said I got to pick out Addion's Room so he got to pick out Ty's room. And sooo the decorating begins! After dinner we went by Baskin Robbins for some Chocolate Fudge/Reeses Ice cream and ate it outside in the nice fallish air. Then we went by the new Academy sports store in Collierville-it was really nice but my blood sugar got low so we had to call it a night and go home. We love date nights when we just get to chill out and talk and usually we don't have any idea where we are going until we drive by somewhere. Thanks Mom and Dad for our night out!

My Official Belly protector

What has been ordered for Ty's Room 

Date Night with my Hottie
On Sunday we joined the church we had been visiting for a while. Addison could not understand why we had to go to church in the am and go back that night. She said Mommy we do not have to go everyday! haha Poor kid her church is also her school until she gets to elementary school.

Friday, September 27, 2013

FALL is here & I am THRILLED

Addison got to go to the dentist this week for the 1st time! No cavities! Wooo Hoooo!
But he did say we have to brush twice a day & floss and NO MORE BLANKIE!
Oh dear-sad day for Mommy that she is growing up. But her teeth are turning in and it has been driving us crazy. But Wednesday Sept 25th was her 1st day at school without blankie & she did AWESOME! Now the only time she has blankie is at night before bed. She is doing great and we are really proud-I thought it would be harder than this-but Dr.Blen sat her down and had to be the bad guy and say no more blankie. He said you are not a baby anymore you don't have diapers, bottles, and no no blankie only at nightime. Thanks Dr.B that dentist apt was well worth the $! Then we went straight to her 4 year checkup. She is 35lbs and  40 1/2 inches tall which is average on both. She also got her flu mist and did really good. Still can't believe she is already 4~!
    Baby brother Ty is doing great! Heartrate was 148 on Sept 19th and he was 13oz about the size of a coke can. I am secretly putting 9mth preggo ladies to shame! Although I have only gained 10lbs. I feel great other than one bad day with a wreck of a headache (thank goodness for a husband that takes over)! Love him more than he will ever know.
   Consignment sale for Rhea Lana's was also last week! It was awesome & I made close to $400 off of Addison's clothes. Mom and Dad were a huge help watching Addison and helping me get everything there.  I worked the sale last Friday and Saturday and had a blast! Such sweet people and such great deals! I am already looking forward to the Spring/Summer sale in 2014! Ty got some great clothes and Addison has already been wearing hers-thanks Mom for the clothes & being my shopping partner!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Catch up Post

Labor Day=Family bonding with the Matheny group & thankful for a day off
Zoo=Me, Bryan and Addison for members only night=lots of folks there & tons of fun
AJ's 5th birthday party at IPARK=soooo much fun & really hot
Sunday Sept 8th=Took pics at Jack & Avery's birthday party at Menagerie Farms-super cool place-keep in mind for birthdays
Got my hair did=thank goodness
Last all employee picnic for my work=perfect weather, Addison had a blast on the bumper boats, I got sick off of BBQ again & swore off BBQ forever (sad I know)
Sept 15th=Photoshoot with Bobbie for her Senior Pics-C'ville Town Square and Graceland

Addison scary moment...................
Bryan woke up on a Saturday morning where he had to head into work and Addisons door was wide open and she was no where to be found. He ran back into our room and freaked out asking me if she was in the bed with me-that's when I got up and we scowered the house to try to find Addison-Mr. Military was SCARED to death that someone had taken her. I kept saying Addison Addison-answer Mommy and Daddy where are you. And this little bitty voice at the bottom of the stairs very sleepily said Mommy here I am. OH MY WORD-what are you doing downstairs???? She said that she didn't know and that she slept on the couch and that she didn't come down the stairs. And now its official to say....................we have a sleepwalker at 4!! Someone is just like her DADDY-he sleptwalked really bad when he was little. It was not a good feeling knowing she had walked downstairs and no one knew it-we were very thankful that she did not fall down the stairs. That was 3 wks ago and it hasn't happend since then.

Bumper boats with Daddy and a Pony ride at the company picnic.
Aj's Birthday party
And Hugs from Abby

Friday, August 23, 2013

Preggo Update

Yesterday we found out that we are having a................
My OB apt was at 3p.m. and it was running a little behind-thankfully
I had my ultrasound 1st and cried when I told her how I wanted to find out-I
requested that she put the picture in an envelope so Bryan and I could find out together. So she did and she was very sure that it is what she thought it is. Mom and I went to the room and waited to see the doctor and Bryan text me and said that he was very close to us!! So I told him COME ON! He walked in and we opened the envelope together as I squealed IT'S A BOY!!! My Mom, Dr. Tom, my nurse Debra and my blood lady Terrie and my ultrasound tech all heard me. haha It was so much fun finding out! Then I got my blood work done and we were good to go for the day. We called most of the family right away and then posted it to Facebook to let the rest of the family know. Now we get to pick a name-it may be a battle to the end!! ha
We are very excited to have a baby boy on the way & big sister Addison is just ready to hold the baby already!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Addison 4th Birthday Pics

Breakfast Party this year for the big "4"!
Fruit table
Ganmomma and Addison on Party Day
Addison ready to swim at her party
Mom tried to push Dad in the pool! ha
Parents Corner to watch the kids
Kids gone WILD
Kelly, Chad, Erma and Sam
My sweet baby girl
Mommy and Addie
Addison & Abby (her friend from swim school)
Drake, Addison, Kyler all swimmed out
Time for CAKE!
Addison and her Favorite ERIN
Addison opening her gifts
Favorite book right now is Fancy Nancy
Gifts galore! We waited will most of the guest left
and let her have at it
Gandaddin, Sam and Ganmomma
Justin and Addison
Daddy and Addie
This kiddo loves some dress up time
Releasing her 4 balloons for a birthday wish
Addisons new dress up dress
from Mommy and Daddy
and new princess shoes
DiVa in training
Addison on the phone with her
cousin AJ
This year's birthday party was a lot calmer and went really nice. I decided to just let the kids do what they wanted to do vs. trying to have a schedule. So they wanted to swim first and then change clothes then eat cake while the adults had breakfast. It worked out really good. 9:30a.m. party and we were all done by 11:40a.m. hello nap for Mommy!