Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

(Last Year Halloween)
2011 Halloween 
This year Halloween 
2012 Halloween (wow what a difference a year makes)
Thanks Ali for the super cute shirt 
Ms. Carol and Ms. Megan with all the kiddos

Addison had a blast yesterday-and Yes she was Cinderella again this year.
At first she wanted to be Spiderman Girl-then she saw the Cinderella dress from last year and said Ohhh I want to be Cinderella (ummm OK) super saver Mommy agreed. Glad I bought the real deal last year-b.c. I got 2 years out of that costume from the Disney Store. Addison had a Halloween party at school with Abigail, Marshall, Emma, Sammy, Andrew, and many other cuties. Then we came home and dressed her up again in her dress to go Trick-0r-Treating with AJ aka the Fireman and McKenzie the Snow White, Valerie, Gaspo, Kelly and Chad were all there for pizza, crock pot hotchocolate, cookies and lots of fun Trick-0r-Treating. They ran house to house and collected a whole lot of candy. Addison was worn out that night and actually asked to go to sleep! ha. 
Aj and Addison 
McKenzie aka Snow White 
Our Princesses  

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