Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What a weekend

This past weekend was too much fun. Friday night we rushed home from work-picked up Bryan and headed to Memphis Madness with Kelly-Travis and Marshall at the FedEx Forum. It was WILD! I have never been before all though I have grown up in Memphis. It was so much fun-there was music, dancing, basketball shoot off-A Hardaway and Penny! (The guys I grew up watching). Addison and Marshall had a blast! Kelly and Travis arrived early so we could get good seats!
Saturday Addison and I had a ton of errands to run (aka shopping) haha then it was off to Catfish in the Barn (in the middle of no where) MS off of 72. It was well worth the drive and so much fun. We met up with Ali, Lee, Kyler, Amy, Drake and Brandon. The buffett was $17 a person and kids ate for free. It was in a huge barn with the doors wide open and the kids played outside and ran back and forth from the pirate ship to eat a bite and then out they would go.
Sunday afternoon Mom made me Birthday lunch which consisted of my favorites:
Macaroni & Cheese, Rolls, Corn, Roast-Potatoes and Carrots! YUM! I'd rather have this than any restaurant in town. Oh and don't forget Boggies Chocolate cake (hands down the best cake I've ever had).
Then on Monday morning I woke up with swollen tonsils/fluid behind my ears and a Zpac from Walgreens! Go figure-that's what happens when you enjoy your weekend too much! ha. Thank goodness for good meds!
Yesterday (Tuesday) was picture day for Addison (Hopefully she did not frown this year). But who knows-yesterday was kindof crazy at the daycare. They had the fire alarms go off and they had to evacuate the building. Small electrical fire on the microwave-thankfully the firemen found it quick. Dad is heading there with the Medallion Machines to get rid of the nasty smell from the fire! Yay for Dad-saves the day!

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