Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Destin FL Sept 2012 Family Vacation

Sept 15 we left out of Memphis and towards Destin FL!!!
Wooo Hoooo!!! It had been 10 years since I'd been to Florida & boy was I missing it.
We took the route through Birmingham and down 331 (aka rabbit run) ummm was going great until our GPS went out-but luckily we made it there will printed out directions and Life360. YAY
The night before we left the condo we were supposed to be staying at had a water leak so they needed to move us from Hidden Dunes to St. Tropez (Million dollar houses/gated community) AWESOMENESS! With a private pool and hot tub. So please do not feel sorry that this happened! haha
Mom, Dad, Uncle Mike (Dad's Brother), Kelly and Chad were all there waiting on us & even helped us with our luggage when we arrived around 11:30. Addison was the only child on the trip & enjoyed every moment. She loves the beach so much and is just like her Daddy when it comes to the water-it was so much fun getting to see her really enjoy the water. Kinda funny......I told her that she could pee in the ocean-so she would walk to the edge and just pee! No getting into the water! Baha Ummmm guess I forgot to tell her that part. But no accidents were had this week with bathroom issues near the beach! Yay!
Here are some pics from our trip-we are already ready to go back
1st day on the beach and already she has moved sand all day long!

Gandadin and Addison
At Bubba Gumps

Girls Only Pic
Kelly-Me-Addison and Mom

It's fitting I know

Everyone should enjoy a nap on the beach

Uncle Mike in his chair

Mom and Dad

We like to throw the kid in water
It makes her giggle

Kelly and Addison buring Chad in the sand

1st day on the beach she kept on trying to steal the little girl next to us doll-so I hit up Wally World and got her a Rapunzel doll for the beach

Kelly Uncle Mike and Chad chillin on the beach

All those curls!
Family Pic-Addison 3 years old

Mom and Dad at Bubba Gumps

Addison and I in the train-she was sooooo excited

Addison playing in the sand

Beach Baby

One of the few pics of us on the beach (Ok me on the beach)

Mom & Dad quite the world travelers

Busy Busy Busy

My fish

Daddys Little Girl
She tried and tried to help him get the marker aka Tattoo off of his back
while we were there. So helpful! haha

Addison and Gandadin having so much fun!

Ganmomma wipping away the tears

Addison and Ganmomma all smiles

Addison looking for the beach at Pompano Joes

Addison with Aunt Kelly
Uncle Mike messing with Addison

Kelly & Chad

Plane ride at The Track-she loved it and rode by herself

Waiting in line for the swings

4 rides on the carasal

Ganmomma lovin on Addison

Girl and her beach

Gandadin and Addison

Mom and Dad ready for a night out

Whinning about not getting to ride the train

The Crazy Lobster with Daddy

Uncle Mike and Addison 2 peas in a pod

Wait for me!

Nope headin back to Mom and Dad


Uncle Mike and Addison

Bryan with all his friends

Pics of Kelly and Chad (had a whole 5 min to take these next few)

My favorite Pic of the trip 

The Red Bar-love this place! Great food, Great Music and super cool atmosphere

Moody Judy not ready to go home