Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sing to me

Addison (aka Moody Judy in the A.M.)
got up on her big 3rd birthday and Daddy got her ready for school in her Birthday shirt and ruffle capris they headed downstairs to all the birthday signs and balloons then got in the truck to head to school after a photo session with Daddy (to make Mommy happy)! Then once they pulled out of the driveway Addison said "Daddy-arnt you going to sing Happy Birthday to me?" BAHA! Kids gotta love em'! So he sang Happy Birthday to her and (took pictures of her smiling for me)! Yay for Daddy and we had one Happy 3 year old Addie! For her birthday I was going to take her to the C'ville water park-but they were closed so we headed to eat pizza with Ganmomma & Gandadin then came home for some Hot Pink Cupcakes and gifts! She had a great day & was worn out!

Rise N Shine It's Your 3rd Birthday
How many are you??? 
This is when Daddy was asked to sing Happy Birthday in the car to her  
1st day in the 4's class (aka the bunny room) 
Mom seriously no more pictures 
What happens when you say Strike A Pose! 

Sorry Toddlers & Tiaras we got you beat! 
Present time at our house 

Ohhh my its Mickeys Dog she said! 
Scooter for Addison's 3rd
(Daddy had to put it together when he got home) 

Cupcakes for Addie!
(Her favorite & it had to be PINK) 
Gammy arrived on Tuesday to be a part of Addisons Birthday Party 

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