Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Monday, August 6, 2012

No dog-dog-no dog

Wow what a weekend! The crazyness started early Friday morning when Bryan went to a company that had no air. A guy was standing there holding a 12wk old Chocolate Lab puppy and told Bryan that he was going to take it to the humane society. Well Bryan told him to wait and he called me and asked if I wanted it. Long story short-Addison is having a doggie birthday party and I wanted to get her a dog for her birthday-well other stuff came up and we needed to go ahead and purchase a pool gate. So the doggie idea got pushed back till Christmas. So my friend Terrie went and got the dog to keep it all day at her house while we worked. I took the dog to the vet-then brought it home for a bath. My friend Kelly took Addison for the night while we got everything sorted out with the dog. THANK YOU KELLY & TERRIE (I big time used my friend card here). Friday night-dog now named Zoe (from Sesame Street) kept Bryan up all night. She did great. Then on Saturday my Dad and I gave Zoe to Addison. It was indeed eventful! The dog is the same size and weight as Addison. Addison liked the dog but asked Gandadin to tell it to stop jumping and biting. She wants a dog so bad-but after Zoe held Addison down twice that was enough for me. Although I had decided we could train her-Bryan called and said that she was too big-although he had not even seen Zoe and Addison together. Glad we knew right off and made the decision early. Saturday night Bryans work buddy came and got the dog-they were super excited to get her & she will be well taken care of. Soooo Bryan has finally come over to my side on the dog decision-Maltipoo at Christmas time. A baby-for Addison and not a wild big dog. Dad says Small Child-Small Dog and we are sticking with that.
Gandadin-Addison and Zoe (Addisons dog for 23hrs)

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