Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Life Lessons for Addison

Treat everyone with respect-you don't know their life story
Dress for the job you want-not the job you have
Be positive and do everything with a smile
It's ok not to be first-just always know that you tried your hardest
Get to know people and don't burn bridges
Be a leader
Be on time (because Daddy says so)
Be careful who you trust
Always choose the best path for you-no matter what people think
Be yourself-everyone else is already taken
Strive to do your best in everything you do
Trust God-he already has the path laid out for you
Try not to step on others as you reach your goals-but keep in mind No One has your back but you
Follow your dreams
College is great-but it is not for everyone (you may find that you do better in College than in High School like Mommy did)
Keep your family close when everyone else fades away they will be there to catch you
Don't Smoke, Drink, Do Drugs (because life is hard enough without all that)
Get a job-try different jobs-they build character
Have Fun!
Get messy-try new things
Enjoy lifes experience
Half the fun is getting there
People will hurt you-they will destroy trust. Forgive them but learn a lesson from it
Life Lessons are everywhere
Dream Big
Always know that Mommy & Daddy believe you can take on the world
If people pick on you just know that they have a problem with themselves and not you
When you are searching for the right guy-make a list and do not give up-there are perfect people for everyone.
Read the Bible
Go to Church
If you want to wear Red Cowboy Boots to school-I will support you
We all go through phases
We will always love you no matter how far we are apart


  1. Blog hopping from Lucy's blog... this is such a sweet post! Beautiful little girl too:)

  2. Thank you Natalie-I always think that one day my daughter will look back on this blog and the things I write to her.