Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

3's Check Up

At 3 years Addison is 31lbs 50%
37 1/2 inches 45%
So Dr. Mitchell said we are about average on everything.
This was the first apt we had to pee in a cup! I was like Oooooooo this ought to be fun
but she got it on the first try (thank you God that she actually had to go)
She had to get her finger pricked (which she nursed for 2 more days)
But everything was clear and we have a healthy happy 3 year old!
The real reason that Addison believes she had to go to the doctor was to tell the doctor how she tripped on the sidewalk and got a boo boo and because I told her she would get a sucker.

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