Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Sunday, August 12, 2012

3rd Birthday Bash!

Addison ended up sticking with the Doggie theme this year.
Kids at the party: Marshall, Haidyn, Connor, Abigail, Sammy, Rylee & Rachael, Bella & Jules, Kyler, Drake, Nathalie, Mattie Kay, Addie Kate, Bryce, AJ, Samantha, Megan & Ella, Evelyn and Miss Addison the Birthday Girl
Party Ready 
Nessa with Addison 

Ali & Kyler ready for the pool 
Aunt Nuna-Uncle Bill-Felicia-Dad & Aunt Debbie 

Everything was fine till we got to the Happy Birthday song 

Much better when she found out cake was involved 
Really I mean who needs spoons 

All the kids ready to chow down

Abigail Addison and Sammy 

Present time right before I broke down-
I had to stop because it dawned on me-my kid is upset because all the kids were getting her new toys & she couldnt even concentrate on opening any other gifts. So I said-alright I am done everyone to the pool!! That's what the kids really wanted including mine. So we opened gifts later when everything calmed down 
Wowza-how many people can we fit in one pool 
Rylee-Abigail-Marshall-Evelyn-Haidyn & Addison 
Addison and her favorite teacher Erin 
Addison jumping to Erin 
Addison and her sidekick Haidyn 
Addison and Rylee 

Addison-Emily and Haidyn playing in the fountain 
3 AMIGOS and our 3 Sidekicks
Addison, Kyler, Drake 

Addison & Erin 

Nessa and Addison
Nessa & Erin were Addisons teachers in the 2's class 
Bubble Time!! From Chad 

Kisses from Dad 
Our cook for the evening
"Hot Dogs for the Doggie Birthday Party" 
Gammy & Addison
Ginger stayed with us Tues-Sun to help celebrate Addisons Birthday 
and she helped me with the house!! Awesome & so thankful 

Addison and Marshall 
A calmer setting to open all the gifts! 
Gandadin was the keeper of the gifts 
Brave doll! 
Gandadin & Ganmomma gave Addison a Barbie Bling Bike for her birthday 

Baby Dolls for Addison 

Mom and Ginger chilling after a long 3rd Birthday Party 
Marshall singing Happy Birthday to Addison 

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  1. adorable! I cant believe how big our girls are! Ramsey doesn't like Happy Birthday either! ha