Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 Years of Bliss

Saturday August 25th was our 5 year Anniversary!!!
No I cannot believe it has been 5 years already
I awoke to red roses and a sweet card then we headed to the Donut Hole in Collierville
It was delicious and served as breakfast and lunch that day. Then we ventured down to OB for a wedding shower for Jay & Michelle-great turn out at the country club. Then we came home and exchanged gifts-I received a gold and diamond necklace and I had a Georgia Bulldogs wood circle (sounds strange-but it is super cute made for Bryan). Our awesome babysitter Erin showed up for Addison-Erin is Addisons favorite teacher from the 2's class! Bryan and I celebrated our Anniversary at our favorite place-Folks Folly and had a candlelit dessert as well. Our day together turned out really nice. Bryan told me "Here's to 60 more years together". Ummmm so what happens when we get to 65 years-is he going to leave me?! ha

3's Check Up

At 3 years Addison is 31lbs 50%
37 1/2 inches 45%
So Dr. Mitchell said we are about average on everything.
This was the first apt we had to pee in a cup! I was like Oooooooo this ought to be fun
but she got it on the first try (thank you God that she actually had to go)
She had to get her finger pricked (which she nursed for 2 more days)
But everything was clear and we have a healthy happy 3 year old!
The real reason that Addison believes she had to go to the doctor was to tell the doctor how she tripped on the sidewalk and got a boo boo and because I told her she would get a sucker.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

All these words

My goodness-Addison is all about using new words these days.
On Sunday while we were driving to the dealership Addison said Mommy Mommy BE Patient! ha (I was not doing anything!!) Then when we were on our way back Addison told Bryan to drive Faster on the interstate! haha She has a need a need for speed (yes I win-this is my child)!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

3rd Birthday Bash!

Addison ended up sticking with the Doggie theme this year.
Kids at the party: Marshall, Haidyn, Connor, Abigail, Sammy, Rylee & Rachael, Bella & Jules, Kyler, Drake, Nathalie, Mattie Kay, Addie Kate, Bryce, AJ, Samantha, Megan & Ella, Evelyn and Miss Addison the Birthday Girl
Party Ready 
Nessa with Addison 

Ali & Kyler ready for the pool 
Aunt Nuna-Uncle Bill-Felicia-Dad & Aunt Debbie 

Everything was fine till we got to the Happy Birthday song 

Much better when she found out cake was involved 
Really I mean who needs spoons 

All the kids ready to chow down

Abigail Addison and Sammy 

Present time right before I broke down-
I had to stop because it dawned on me-my kid is upset because all the kids were getting her new toys & she couldnt even concentrate on opening any other gifts. So I said-alright I am done everyone to the pool!! That's what the kids really wanted including mine. So we opened gifts later when everything calmed down 
Wowza-how many people can we fit in one pool 
Rylee-Abigail-Marshall-Evelyn-Haidyn & Addison 
Addison and her favorite teacher Erin 
Addison jumping to Erin 
Addison and her sidekick Haidyn 
Addison and Rylee 

Addison-Emily and Haidyn playing in the fountain 
3 AMIGOS and our 3 Sidekicks
Addison, Kyler, Drake 

Addison & Erin 

Nessa and Addison
Nessa & Erin were Addisons teachers in the 2's class 
Bubble Time!! From Chad 

Kisses from Dad 
Our cook for the evening
"Hot Dogs for the Doggie Birthday Party" 
Gammy & Addison
Ginger stayed with us Tues-Sun to help celebrate Addisons Birthday 
and she helped me with the house!! Awesome & so thankful 

Addison and Marshall 
A calmer setting to open all the gifts! 
Gandadin was the keeper of the gifts 
Brave doll! 
Gandadin & Ganmomma gave Addison a Barbie Bling Bike for her birthday 

Baby Dolls for Addison 

Mom and Ginger chilling after a long 3rd Birthday Party 
Marshall singing Happy Birthday to Addison