Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, July 27, 2012


Monday I went in for a doctors apt with my nurse practitioner. Still having major headaches and looking for a cure all was what I was going for. My nurse practitioner was pretty sure that my headaches were caused by one of the 2 spinal taps that I had received last Wed in the ER. So on Tuesday I could see the light at the end of the tunnel with a blood patch in sight. I got all surgery ready with blood being drawn left and right and surgery-aka blood patch right around the corner. Mom and Bryan went with me for support and help. I got all ready & they wheeled me down to the surgery area-the anethesiologist asked me when I had my last epidural? Which I said nope haven't had one in 3 years and I went into the story of having the spinal tabs and still having bad headaches. So she knew right off that I was still having headaches from the viral meningitus and not from the spinal taps-she said there is no way that you should have a blood patch with having VM. You would be taking possibly infected blood and introducing it to your spinal collumn which could make you have all the symptoms again. VERY SMART foreign lady. (Seriously these foreign people are worth their weight in gold-spinal tap & anethesiologist=foreign!) Americans about did me in! So tears and all they wheeled me back up the elevator and I got dressed-finally had Wendy's then back home to get through my headache. Wednesday I returned to a normal certified Doctor that said "well that would have been dumb"-to the idea of even having a blood patch. Lesson Learned-will go see only certified doctors from now on. So Wed & Thurs I got increasingly better-and now I am happy so say I am NORMAL and feeling much much better-a little slower but feel a huge sigh of relief. I even got to go back to work today! I couldn't sleep last night because I was so excited to go back to work. Yesterday I also got to pick up Addison from daycare and deliver end of the year packages to her teachers. Addison gave me a huge 2 1/2 year old-Mommy I missed you hug and didn't let go. Even yesterday evening at home she was hugging me and telling me how much she missed me and loves me. Just melt my heart! She wanted to take a bath with all of her toys and me getting to dry her hair about made me cry. Just the little things you miss about normal life now seem so big. I love being a Mommy and I have missed it so much these past 2 weeks. Thank you all for your prayers & sweet cards-dinners-icecream-texts-emails & letters!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sick of being sick VM

So after we made it back from the Braves weekend I made it to work on Monday and on Tuesday-but on Tuesday I had one of the worst headaches I've ever had. So I left work picked up Addison and headed to the Prime Urgent Care-I told Addison that I did not feel good. She told me that she didn't feel good either. So I told her that Mommy needed to go to the Doctor-then she said "Mommy I feel good" haha. I told her to tell the Doctor that she felt fine & no worries she did just that and even got a sucker. My Mom came up there to take care of Addison. The doc gave me 2 shots and said not to drive home and your headache should be gone. Wellllllllll all night and the next morning my head got worse. So Bryan took me to my doctor the following day and I laid on the table with a washcloth over my head-lights off and in extreme pain. I had pressure in my ears, a massive migraine and blurred vision due to the headache. My temp was 100.3 and she told me there was nothing she could give me for the pain and she thinks it could be Meningitus. So off to the ER we went. I was NOT a happy camper at this point-I very much dislike the ER. So with flashers on off we went-got to Baptist ER and I had to put a mask on then answer questions-then the tears came and I just wanted to go home. They were very quick with all the procedures I had lots of blood drawn-CT Scan on my head which came back clear-then I guess I was the lucky one that day I good the BRAND SPANKIN NEW Doctor that day who tried to give me a Spinal Tab & IT DID NOT WORK!!!!!!!! Crapola on him. Although he was nice that was about it. So this little spunky dude from another country comes in and says Your my Best Patient today!! And off he went got it the 1st time. 3 vials of spinal fluid and I was good to go. I layed flat for an hour and my back was big time hurting. I finally got to eat since I had not eaten since lunch on Tues. Baked potatoe and a frosty was all I wanted. Mom and Kelly and Bryan were all with me. Dad got to keep Addison. So the tests came back and it was positive I have Viral Meningitus-much much better than bacterial meningiuts but still a long ways to go and a lot of pain. So I have laid in a quiet room-no lights-no noise from Wed when I got in from the ER until Monday. Wowza that is a long time. Today I hope to get good results from my doctor visit and be able to go back to work and everything go back to normal. They said there is nothing they can do for VM it justs has to get out of your system. So I have drake water by the truck loads! My appetite is still very small and my back is in a bit of pain from laying down that many days and the whole 8 needles in my back thing. But my family has been awesome! Mom and Dad have had Addison since we found out and Kelly even took her swimming over the weekend. I miss Addison so much and this is the longest time I've ever been away from her. So big hats off to my parents for taking that task of caring for Addison-although I am not sure if she will be wanting to come home or not. So please keep praying that this virus will work out of my system. If someone you know has this-the best thing to give them is a quiet room, magazines, and dinners that they can heat up. Kelly W-thank you for taking the time to get all my goodies!! And my Moms 2 friends for making us homemade cookies, spaghetti, chicken bake and all sorts of good stuff. My Mom gave us Roast and MacNCheese and it was fabulous. Tammi provided dinner for us one night as well. Thank you all for your support and prayers-I hope I never have to go through this again or anyone we know.

Go Braves 2012

Every year Addison and I take Bryan to see the Braves for his Father's Day gift. This year we ended up staying in Kennesaw at Embassy Suites (Super nice & we told Addison it was a princess castle). We left out on a Friday and made good time through Birmingham-we usually take Nashville to Chat but this way seemed a whole lot faster and no mountains to climb. We ate dinner at Wendys-our home away from home and then got to ATL around 8p.m. Addison was over the top excited about staying in a hotel. At this age she finally gets to help bring the luggage in ok ok fine some pillows and a doll BUT it helps.
Sooooo excited about going to the Braves Game!
1st we ate some breakfast/lunch at the mall and had to buy some Braves/UGA gear for the year then it was on to Gammys house! 
Kisses from Gammy 
Family photo opp 
Ginger and I taking in some All American Baseball 
Ahhhhh the Braves stadium-such a great day to go. No rain-blue skys and shade over our seats=PERFECT 
My Entertainment for the day-yes he does sing and dance
Hate that Cousin Jill was not there with us 
Gammy & a very busy Miss Addison enjoying the game

HEY u takin pictures of ME? 
Tomahawkin it away! 
Doin a jig-chicken dance maybe?

Addison and Gammy
(Oh and a potty training 21/2 year old at a baseball game=needed side seats) We were up about 6 times during the game=man in red shirt not a happy camper. 
Daddy and Addie enjoying the game 

Doin the tomahawk-Addison really loved the Chik-fil-a cow that does the tomahawk with his arm 

We left out on Sunday to the Outlet Malls Woooo Hoooo
Miss Sassyfrass was ready & so was her baby 
Cheesseeeeeee for Mommy! 

Pool Time

We love for Mom & Dad to come over for pool time with us on the weekends.
Our little dare devil Addison 

Mom chillaxin 
This gets funnier through the pics Addison has this thing
about pulling Gandadins hair (he lets her do it and then yells owwww owww) well
she thinks it is just histarical and so does Mom! haha 

Uncontrolable laughter that is what family is all about

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July 2012

Happy 4th of July from Addison
We had a nice time at Valerie & Gaspos house on Tuesday night watching the Collierville fireworks-
Then it was party time at the Harper house for 4th of July. We had a great time with family and friends-Addison had the most fun jumping in and out of the pool with Marshall and AJ.

Addison's "Why yes-yes I do get away with everything look"

My sweet sweet but yet sassy almost 3 year old little lady. Birthday planning is underway for this little girl. So far she said she wants a swim, truck, doggie, cinderella birthday party. My thought-how is Mommy going to pull this one off! HA she is 3 so she will get what she wants is my plan.
Kelly & Travis 
The Dixon Family 
Mom & Dad 
Ummm I wonder if the homemade icecream was good?? 

Yep looks like it was! 

Ganmomma & Addison 
Ganmomma with the little ones