Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter 2012

Our fun weekend started out with me being off of work on Good Friday so Addison and I enjoyed a girls day! We ventured out to Sega Gym for Open gym time-it was awesome 1st time for us to go. Addison loved it. Then the Collierville Easter gathering started at 10 and ended at 12. So we headed over there-then by the time she had danced to every song-we headed home for lunch. Then on Friday night we dyed Easter eggs with the Whiteaker family and Kelly's parents-it was a burger and fries night with lots of laughs. 2nd year in a row of Easter egg dying with them. On Saturday we headed to Kelly's house (my sister) and let the kids dye more Easter eggs. Kelly & Chad made us an awesome lunch with homemade pizza's (yep I'll be stealing that receipe). Then it was home for a nap then up and going again to the daycare Easter egg hunt. Goodness what a great time we had!! So much fun to watch the kids get so excited. There was an egg hunt, dancing, Easter bunny, animals, a train to ride and all of her friends were there from school. Then we came home and made burgers-hotdogs and fries for Kelly-Chad-Aj-and Samantha (family bonding night). A few others were invited but choose not to come. Hate they missed out because we had a great time. Sunday morning came early this year as we attended the early service at church-there are a lot more blue hairs at the early service ;') ha one day I hope to be a blue hair! Addison loved her Easter dress. I had her a super cute smocked Easter dress but then decided that Addison being who Addison is needed a fun-frilly dress. And I found the perfect girly one for her only spending $14!!! AHHHH I mean AWESOME-Addison your Momma is a SUPER SHOPPER. Then after church we went to Mom and Dads for an Easter Egg hunt and a lunch that would make your mouth water. It was delicious!! Thank you Mom as always-you do too much. Here are the pictures from our weekend.

Dancing at the Collierville Square
Oh yeah we went to the park at some point this weekend

Easter Egg dying with Marshall
Good Times and Good Friends

Easter egg dying with the family

Me and my sister
Easter egg hunt at school

Addison and Haidyn
Marshall-Addison-Abigail and Connor

Marshall-Addison and AJ

Saturday night chillin in the JEEP
The BiG Ole Bunny Came to see Addison
My pretty Easter baby
2 1/2 years old
Ya don't even have to ask her to twirl

Family Pic Easter 2012
Ganmomma Addison and Gandadin
Easter Sunday 2012

She was HOPPY it was EASTER

Annual Easter Grandkid pic
A must show-AJ not very happy about pictures

Easter egg hunting will last all day if you run and they fall out and you pick them up again
Good Times and lots of laughs

From about 2ft she dumps her Easter basket out to look at her goods-
Therefore breaking all of the real eggs! ha
Only Gandadins are allowed to open the eggs to get the candy out

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