Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Monday, April 30, 2012


So last Thursday Bryan had his final in the MLGW course-well wouldn't ya know it at 4:40p.m. I get a call and he has officaillly locked himself out of the house=AWESOME. Please note we have been in the house 8 months and this is maybe the 3rd time this has happened ;")) sweet little ole hubs has memory loss. Anywho-I called Chad-Kelly's BF and he came to the rescue-delivering Bryan to his final exam and then taking him home afterwards. Sooo then even more fun happens-we head to dinner and my Envoy starts acting up so off to Autozone we go to check the battery. We get a new battery and then they say-but we have to get it somewhere b/c the alternator is bad. So we drop it off at our trusty place in C'ville for the 3rd time in 2 mths. Then we get to the house around 9p.m. and everyone is asleep around 10:30p.m. BUTTTTTTT at 3:45a.m. our alarm goes off and Nooooo worries I married MR. Crazy Army Dude. He is screaming "The GUN The GUN"-so gun in hand scanning the house and finds the door open to the house (due to pressure-because one of us had not shut it all the way). Which means 4p.m. back to bed and of course then we can't sleep. So last Thursday was really not ideal. Although I am sure my super smart hubs did great on his final. Since then I have flown to Minnesota (had at least 5 people ask me where I am from). Which means they were totally making fun of the way I talk. Addison got sick while I was away on business-Super Dad took care of her. Mom and Dad got back from a 2wk trip through the Panama Canal all tan and feeling good. We bought a new car-2012 Subaru Outback (a do what??) I know........BUT So far I love it and it gets 30 miles per gallon=AWESOME and super saver as I am adding 80 miles per day. Bryan is getting over a hurt back and I am nursing a sprained knee or hurt knee or whatever you'd like to call it-it hurts walking down stairs. My sweetie was cleaning the shower and well didn't really complete the job-therefore one foot slid all the way in and my knee turned the complete wrong way. Not a great way to start out the night I got back in town. Anywho-other than that we are good. Addison is working hard on potty training and doing a great job (not so much with me-but at school she is doing awesome. I do believe that Mommy is the one who needs to work harder on potty training at home.

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