Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, March 2, 2012

It's the simple things

I LUVVVVVV SPRING Time weather~! Just makes my heart glow. It reminds me of my Grandfather and the beautiful place that he had on top of the hill in Jackson, TN. He had flowers and the greenest grass and these beautiful yellow bushes on the right side of the driveway that we took pictures in front of every Easter. It was just a magical place where we could roam free and enjoy being outside. So all this to say-last night was perfect-the weather was in the 70's and clear skies all around. I got done at work early and headed to pick up Addie and off we went to run errands and then made a trip to a park that she had not been to before. She was so excited!! There was a sand pit-bridges to cross-and very high slides. She had a blast! Then I told her we needed to head on out to grab a bite to eat. On the way to eat I told her "I love you-and she said "I love you Momma" ahhhh and then came the tears. It was such a sweet moment when there is no doubt in that little voice that she loves you with all of her heart. This year of the 2's has really been the best year of my life-she is so funny and learning so much. My greatest joy is watching Addison with my Mom and Dad-they are so fun with her just the way they were when I was little. I feel very blessed to get to have my Mom and Dad around to watch Addison grow up and that they are there to help me along the way. I think it is awesome to get to teach her all about the world around her-what more could I ask for. I love being a Mom.

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