Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Addison on a schedule

So last night we were watching American Idol and Larry the Cable Guy and all of the sudden Addison gets up walks toward the door turns around and screams "I AM READY TO GO NIGHT NIGHT!" Bahahahaha we about fell out of our chairs-it was so hard to keep our laughter in and try to look away. She was dead serious and pranced right into her room and went to sleep. She was tired of watching TV and was ready for NIGHT NIGHT.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jan 2012 Pics

Nanny Dan Addison and Bryan
Addison's Great Grandparents from Atlanta
Michael (Bryan's Dad's) Mom & our wonderful Dan

Pawpo & Meme with Addison-Bryan's Dad

Family Pic Time

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

7-18 Days of Thankfulness

Cont. Days of Thankfulness
7. For a husband that actually helps out around the house
8. That I wasn't holding Addison this morning since I fell from the top to the bottom of the stairs
9. That God hears my prayers
10. That my cousin Jill found a great guy to spend her life with
11. That all of my family lives close by
12. My parents are selfless and help whenever they can
13. Health Insurance-sounds funny-but when you have Type 1 diabetes it is a must have
14. For a job that I like to get up and go to in the mornings
15. For a new church home we recently found in Collierville
16. For the little moments that Addison and I share-when I was in the shower the other day-she stands outside of the shower and puts her hand on the glass over mine. And she loves when I draw pictures on the foggy glass for her to guess what it is.
17. That we were able to move when we did
18. For the warm weather in January

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So last night Addison and I were in Walgreens and she looks directly at an older black man that was working and says
"You my Daddy"???
OH MY WORD-ya can't take her out of the house!
I nicely said "He may be someone's Daddy but your Daddy is on his way to Ganmomma and Gandadins house-I always tell her the truth. You should have seen the look on this man's face! It was the big eyes and shakin the head like ohhh no-she doesn't know who her Daddy is. Lawdy Mercy.

Another Addison funny-
AJ-my nephew came over the other night to spend the night with us. He calls Bryan-"Uncle Bryan" well ever since AJ was over Addison has been calling her Dad "Uncle Bryan". I tell ya-it is hard teaching a 2 year old these days.

Little and Big by Addison at 2

So we were family grocery shopping the other day and please note-we had been working on Big and Little. Addison is little and Mommy and Daddy are big.
So Addison being the extremely observant little girl that she is....
Saw a short man walking down the aisle at the grocery store-she ever so nicely asked
"Mommy-is that a little man!!" OH MY WORD-I am not sure if he heard her or not
But I tried to cover it with "He is a man like Daddy is" she kinda looked at me funny
because he was a short man-but I didn't really need her to tell him that. It was just too funny and a memory that I hope to keep forever-and tell boyfriends about! haha

Friday, January 6, 2012

365 Days of Thankfulness

So for my blog of 2012 I am going to do 365 days of Thankfulness
1. God's Grace
2. My sweet and caring parents
3. My wonderful selfless husband
4. My beautiful wild child Addison
5. The precious memories I have of my grandparents
6. A really great handful of close friends

Everyday I will add to the list for at least 1 thing I am thankful for each day.
Sometimes we have so much negative things going on around us-that we forget about all of the good things.
On another note: New Years was great! Justin, Brooke, Travis, Kelly, Gaspo and Valerie and all of the kids joined us at our house for a New Years get together-although we did not make it to 12 we had a great time eating, talking and chasing the kids. Everyone turned in about 10:30-but no worries I did see 2012 come in as the obnoxious neighbors with fireworks had their hoorah in the street!! lovely neighborhood folks had a nice party.