Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Program 2012

Addison 2011
Addison 2012 with Santa at School
2012 Christmas Program 12/20/2012
4's Class-although Addison is 3
Abigail, Ella Kate, Marshall, Addison, Emma 

They sang Jingle Bells and Joy to the World (everyone stayed on the stage this year-smiled and sang)
Which in the Mommies book-goes down as a GREAT finish to the Year!

After dinner talk with Addison

So the other night we ate at Cracker Barrel for dinner and on the way back home we were talking about Santa and Baby Jesus and the random thoughts from Addison. Addison asked if baby Jesus was up in the sky-on an airplane. I said no he was higher than that. Then we told her that Daddy used to jump out of airplanes when he was in the Army......which led to Addison asking if Daddy had seen Baby Jesus! haha oh my goodness! Having a 3 year old is always a laugh. They are trying to figure everything out.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Movin back to move up

We have decided as a family to move back to our rental house. I recently had an unexpected job change-that does look like it will be better suited for my future with this company. Bryan is a year in to the MLGW process of starting out as a utility worker for them. But we will have to drop in pay to better prepare for what God has in store for us. Right now we are paying for 2 houses, 2 cars, daycare, dog, pool, 4-wheeler and too many other things-luckily no credit cards or student loans ;-)) we are trying our best to be smart on the front end-and save some money by letting one of the houses sell. The rental house is not sellable due to too many foreclosures in the area. But I will have to say-our neighboors in Cordova are a whole lot better than Collierville! But now we know what we are looking for once the job situation figures itself out. We don't really require a lot is what we found out haha I know-ME I don't require a lot bahahaha I can't believe my fingers just wrote that! But I would like a smaller house because life is so busy-really we just sleep there and I'd like a subdivison with a lot of kids and close to a park. But anywho-here is the link to our house in Collierville that we are selling. If you know anyone looking-please send it to them;-)) Thanks and Merry Christmas!

To locate this property online visit:
MLS 3261606

Monday, December 17, 2012

Germantown Baptist Living Nativity

Last Sunday night we ventured to Germantown Baptist for the Living Nativity event. We arrived-had our picture taken and then made it to feed the animals-Lama's and goats and sheep before entering the Living Nativity-if you've never been.....It is a must see of the season. Real Animals-Baby Jesus and lots of tents around for the kids to make candles, bracelets, pictures and lots more. Addison was good through the event and really loved seeing the Camels and Horses untilllllllllllllllllll the end. She wanted to see Baby Jesus Face and she was very very serious about it! She cried on the way out because we couldn't walk over the hay to see Baby Jesus (it was a baby doll that they used). Ha the thoughts of a 3 year old-my goodness

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Newest Member of the Harper Family has arrived

Santa dropped by our house on Monday afternoon with a little gift for Addison!
He is all of 5lbs 4oz Bichon Shizu mix 13wk old TOBY
He is a little doll
(And will be even cuter when he stops pottying on the floor);-))

Thanksgiving Day

My sweet Addison and I the day I decided to go brown-yes again I have dyed my hair brown! ha
More to come on Thanksgiving once the pics are downloaded

Addison on Black Friday eating some lunch aka IceCream!

Christmas Is Up @ our house

Here is my Christmas lights with Tuille tied to it-
Super Fabulous I know. You can just say WELL HELLO Pinterest at my house!

My idea sorry I cannot credit Pinterest for this one 
And back to Pinterest-Tomato Cage Trees
Super Cute 
Pinterest ohhhh how I love thee................

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I've Learned Lately

Grandparents hang the moon
My parents really do know everything
Being a Mom is the greatest gift in the world
Having a daughter makes hunting season so much easier
Having a bigger house does not make you happier
Buying things does not bring you happiness
It is up to me to get along with people around me
It is amazing to see how other people see you
Money does indeed not grow on trees
Live within your means-not means that you want others to see-in the end it doesnt matter how anyone sees you-besides God
Now is the time to get back to God
Prayer is a beautiful thing
My Mom is the perfect Mom
God is Good
You can't change people-but you can change how you interact with them
Forever friends are a great gift from God
There is always an opportunity to teach your child-good or bad
My Dad is a very smart man-just hope I listened enough (yes I've asked him to write a book) ha
One day you can have a great job-and the next it can be taken away
Therefore don't spend every dime you make
It is ok to take a step back to take one forward
Children change everything
Put 100% into your marriage everyday
Finding someone to love every single day is a gift from God
I feel very blessed to have Common Sense-no really I do
I am thankful to God that he gave me Diabetes instead of Cancer or Aids
Life is short-and when you have kids-it seems even shorter
No matter who the President is-put God first and let him deal with the crazyness of politics
Smile-keep your head up-always look out for good opportunities
Put more thought into gifts than money
Say Thank you & I love you every chance you get
Read to your child-trust me they are listening
There is light at the end of the tunnel
My husband is my best friend
My daughter watches my every move & wants to be more like me everyday (until she figures out I am not cool) ha
Work is work-Love it or hate it-ya still gotta do it
The older I get the more I understand that getting older is learning, crying, stressful, happiness, hopeful, and a brighter look toward the future and a hold on good memories that I've made along the way
Once you give a hand out to help someone-almost always they will take advantage of you
Being nice doesn't always teach a lesson to people

Sunday, November 11, 2012

2012 Fall Pics

This is the handmade outfit that Bryan's Mom aka Gammy made Addison! It turned out just too cute~! Wanted to catch some pics of her in it while we were out doing some family photo shoots in Collierville. Such nice weather for outside pics!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

(Last Year Halloween)
2011 Halloween 
This year Halloween 
2012 Halloween (wow what a difference a year makes)
Thanks Ali for the super cute shirt 
Ms. Carol and Ms. Megan with all the kiddos

Addison had a blast yesterday-and Yes she was Cinderella again this year.
At first she wanted to be Spiderman Girl-then she saw the Cinderella dress from last year and said Ohhh I want to be Cinderella (ummm OK) super saver Mommy agreed. Glad I bought the real deal last year-b.c. I got 2 years out of that costume from the Disney Store. Addison had a Halloween party at school with Abigail, Marshall, Emma, Sammy, Andrew, and many other cuties. Then we came home and dressed her up again in her dress to go Trick-0r-Treating with AJ aka the Fireman and McKenzie the Snow White, Valerie, Gaspo, Kelly and Chad were all there for pizza, crock pot hotchocolate, cookies and lots of fun Trick-0r-Treating. They ran house to house and collected a whole lot of candy. Addison was worn out that night and actually asked to go to sleep! ha. 
Aj and Addison 
McKenzie aka Snow White 
Our Princesses  

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jill & Mike Patrick Wedding Oct 27 2012

My crazy cousin Jill FINALLY got married!!!! haha
Ummmm she has been planning her wedding from birth!
And it paid off big time!
She was a beautiful beautiful bride and Mike was so handsome in his suit
Whitestone in Kingston TN was the perfect location for a FALL themed wedding
I started with 838 pictures and have gotten the number down to 633 here are just a few I picked out to edit and get to her fast!
The rehearsal dinner was on Friday night on the back patio of the farmhouse
Beautiful setting and the perfect weather for an outdoor event
Addison had been sick all week with a virus-stayed home one day with Mom and one with Bryan
But I loaded her up on Tylenol and she was good to go-running around and being a kid
There were lots of happy tears and such sweet words spoken at the rehearsal dinner. It was a perfect night.
The morning of the wedding we all ate together at the farmhouse & it was delicious!! Then we got ready and headed to the Chapel to get our hair did by Amber and then Kelly applied our makeup. Sam helped with Addison and then it was wedding time. Addison walked down the aisle with a fishy face! haha but non the less she made it down the aisle. Jill had the biggest smile I have ever seen. She could not have been happier-although there were a few tears that it may be raining outside-no worries I took a picture to prove there was no rain-cold yes rain no. The wedding vows were so pretty/everyone said I Do and off they went on their horse drawn carriage ride. The reception was in another building and it was BEAUTIFUL! Dancing/Wine/Pumpkins/Speeches/Family Bonding/Pictures and then sparkelers after the wedding. Such a wonderful day spent with family. So glad I got to share this day with her.

Aunt Debbie getting Jill ready
Time for the jewels 
Aunt Debbie and Jill 
Kayden and Addison 
Come on over here Daddy I got a big kiss waitin 

Jeff-my cousin (Jills Brother)
Amber, Kaleb, Kayden 
B-maids Pic 
More kisses for Daddy
(yes he is one lucky man)

Ms. Priss and her Princess flower girl dress

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick 
More pics to come....................................

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Mirror Struggle

The Mirror Struggle-borrowed from Stephanie ;.)) Something I think we should all hear sometimes as a reminder:

I follow a great blog, Today I came across this little gem and boy was I convicted. Me, who struggles with intense materialism, but can literally quote you the headlines needed this today. I have made certain restrictions in my life to protect myself from "entertainment" that breeds materialism but this was a reminder that even in those places I don't realize awaits distractions from the will of God.

"Are you happy with the way you look? Do you often feel unsatisfied and continually spend money, time, and energy while going on crash diets, spending your rent on a new purse… all the while scraping money to get your hair done in an attempt to maintain your self image? You walk into rooms and no matter what you have on or how you look—you have this sinking feeling like you aren’t good enough, pretty enough, tall enough, small enough and you sure don’t make as much money as those around you. You feel stupid even going into certain stores because one shirt is the price of your car payment. You constantly beat yourself down from head to toe and rip your self-image apart as you compare it to everyone else around you.

Did you know that ALL of those thoughts are being used to distract you from the WILL of God for your life by destroying your confidence? If you don’t believe that you are “good” enough, you most likely won’t believe that God can really USE you. You’ll be stuck in this circle of inferiority for the rest of your life and remain insecure.

WHO told you those lies?! Was it People magazine? TMZ? Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Seems like innocent entertainment, right? Well—it’s not. Those unhealthy television shows and magazines only place discontentment into your heart. It makes you wish your guy made a little more money and you secretly idolize the different celebrities in your heart. You wish you had their life while Jesus Christ saved you as YOU and He is constantly tugging on your heart to stop comparing yourself to others. This is why He tells us to “guard your heart—for out of it flows the issues of life” (Proverbs 4:23). If you want to really be free, you have a part to play. Your part is to stop picking up those magazines, turning on those terrible shows and place a guard around your heart. Practice this protection.

Did you know that God NEVER uses one’s outward physical appearance to determine their physical beauty? When the prophet Samuel examined Jesse’s sons in search of the next king of Israel, he was impressed with Eliab’s appearance. God told Samuel: “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things you are looking at. You look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7). Nothing in a person’s outward appearance impresses God. God is constantly checking out what’s going on in your HEART.

And to make all this relevant, did you know that the holy women of old made themselves beautiful by trusting God and accepting the authority of their husbands (1 Peter 3:5). And that’s free. Sure it’ll cost you something to learn to trust God and submit to your husband (if you have one, and it’s okay if you don’t!) but it won’t be in your bank account. And that now means that you can get out of credit card debt and focus on what’s really important- what’s at the HEART of these issues.

Who are you to criticize the way you look or talk about anybody else? On the last day of creation, God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness” (Genesis 1:26). You are made in the image of God Almighty. He didn’t make any mistakes. God is not surprised by your hips, lips, eyes, face or any part of your body. So for you gossip about anybody else, speak negatively about his/her personality or style is wrong and NONE of your business. God made you to look the way you do for your very purpose, just as He made them. You are beautifully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14). Your talents, gifts and everything on the inside of you are NOT by mistake. God placed those desires in you and attached your personality to complete your very purpose. So stop trying be like everyone else. BE YOU. There’s no person on this earth like YOU.

Part of the freedom that God gave us is the freedom to choose–meaning, He’s not going to force you to do anything.

We have a daily choice to live for Him, cast down negative thoughts, and use wisdom with our decisions. We get to choose whether we are going to be content with OUR portion and to trust His perfect timing concerning every area of our lives! If you have to run in circles to keep up with the Jones’ or to impress people, they’re not FOR you. In Christ, we don’t have to kiss anybody’s butt. In Christ, we can be free to be WHO God created US to be without false facades. In Christ, we can be honest about where we are. In Christ, we can recognize that our looks, possessions, and “status” will all fade. In Christ, we recognize that our value comes from HIM alone and what He did on the cross. In Christ, we seek to conform to His image and not some other human’s. So, don’t get wrapped up in this crazy world. Keep your eyes on Christ. He loves you like crazy."

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What a weekend

This past weekend was too much fun. Friday night we rushed home from work-picked up Bryan and headed to Memphis Madness with Kelly-Travis and Marshall at the FedEx Forum. It was WILD! I have never been before all though I have grown up in Memphis. It was so much fun-there was music, dancing, basketball shoot off-A Hardaway and Penny! (The guys I grew up watching). Addison and Marshall had a blast! Kelly and Travis arrived early so we could get good seats!
Saturday Addison and I had a ton of errands to run (aka shopping) haha then it was off to Catfish in the Barn (in the middle of no where) MS off of 72. It was well worth the drive and so much fun. We met up with Ali, Lee, Kyler, Amy, Drake and Brandon. The buffett was $17 a person and kids ate for free. It was in a huge barn with the doors wide open and the kids played outside and ran back and forth from the pirate ship to eat a bite and then out they would go.
Sunday afternoon Mom made me Birthday lunch which consisted of my favorites:
Macaroni & Cheese, Rolls, Corn, Roast-Potatoes and Carrots! YUM! I'd rather have this than any restaurant in town. Oh and don't forget Boggies Chocolate cake (hands down the best cake I've ever had).
Then on Monday morning I woke up with swollen tonsils/fluid behind my ears and a Zpac from Walgreens! Go figure-that's what happens when you enjoy your weekend too much! ha. Thank goodness for good meds!
Yesterday (Tuesday) was picture day for Addison (Hopefully she did not frown this year). But who knows-yesterday was kindof crazy at the daycare. They had the fire alarms go off and they had to evacuate the building. Small electrical fire on the microwave-thankfully the firemen found it quick. Dad is heading there with the Medallion Machines to get rid of the nasty smell from the fire! Yay for Dad-saves the day!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Birthday for Me

Another year has come and gone. I am now IN my thirties (aka-will now be celebrating my 25th b-day over and over every year). I woke up yesterday morning and Bryan wanted me to come downstairs. He said LOOK-and over the fireplace was a huge mirror! He had gone to Hobby Lobby aka my home away from home and bought a huge mirror for my birthday (please note he did not have a coupon-nor was it 50% off like normal) haha. But it is the thought that counts! He did great! He got me a card from him and Addison then I received a box of flowers-not just any flowers but flowers shaped as a cake! They were super cute & Bryan even said "I picked it out myself and I spent a little more to get it to look like that"-men are so funny! He did great & even told me last night-hey I am getting better arn't I! I love this man-he is perfect for me. Yesterday for lunch my Mom and niece met me for lunch at Salsa and we had a great time eating cheese dip-yes I even licked the bowl-it was that good! Then after my dentist apt-(note to self-never schedule a dentist apt on your birthday). It is painful-although nothing was wrong. Then after work we ate at Coletta's with Kelly-Travis and Marshall. The manicotti was AWESOMENESS! I had a great 25th birthday again.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Talk About God

Addison and I were in the car on the way home from daycare yesterday listening to KLove and they were talking about God. And she started saying God, God, God, God (I think she got the message loud and clear from KLove) haha. Then I said-do you know where God is? I pointed up to heaven and told her he is up there-she said.........On an airplane? I said no Ummmmm no a skateboard? Holding back from laughing-nooo just up there in Heaven looking down on us and helping us. I told her that he watches over us and our family and friends then she said "And Who Else" so we got to go through the whole list of who God watches over. And that God makes babies and gives them to parents to raise. She thought that was really cool. It is amazing to watch her little mind wrap around these things I am trying to teach her. I love to watch her grow! After I talked about God to Addison she finally said "God is really nice" and he doesn't hit his friends. ha-I love it so fun to listen to a 3 year old talk about God and what she has learned about him.

Monday, October 8, 2012

It's FALL Ya'll

Ohhhh YAY Fall is here!!! Germantown Festival with Mom-Hope Fall Fest with Kelly-Barbara and Mom, then Mistletoe Merchants with the same crew!! We have had so much fun shopping (for ourselves) I mean for Christmas presents! I am about 1/2 way through my list. Still unsure if we are getting Addie a dog this Christmas or not-may still take some persuading for dear ole Dad! A small one-that is for sure! Nothing that can jump over a baby gate! ha.We will see.

Another project we are about to go at is the rental house (oh yay) BLAH! I am not a good Landlord @ all. I hate every part of it. But we are looking for a new renter for our Cordova house 3bd, 2bth w/Garage if anyone knows of anyone looking for something to rent.

Addison is doing great! Had a little set back with potty-training from vacation but we are doing better over the weekend. She still loves going to the park, playing outside, watching movies, and singing in her microphone.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Destin FL Sept 2012 Family Vacation

Sept 15 we left out of Memphis and towards Destin FL!!!
Wooo Hoooo!!! It had been 10 years since I'd been to Florida & boy was I missing it.
We took the route through Birmingham and down 331 (aka rabbit run) ummm was going great until our GPS went out-but luckily we made it there will printed out directions and Life360. YAY
The night before we left the condo we were supposed to be staying at had a water leak so they needed to move us from Hidden Dunes to St. Tropez (Million dollar houses/gated community) AWESOMENESS! With a private pool and hot tub. So please do not feel sorry that this happened! haha
Mom, Dad, Uncle Mike (Dad's Brother), Kelly and Chad were all there waiting on us & even helped us with our luggage when we arrived around 11:30. Addison was the only child on the trip & enjoyed every moment. She loves the beach so much and is just like her Daddy when it comes to the water-it was so much fun getting to see her really enjoy the water. Kinda funny......I told her that she could pee in the ocean-so she would walk to the edge and just pee! No getting into the water! Baha Ummmm guess I forgot to tell her that part. But no accidents were had this week with bathroom issues near the beach! Yay!
Here are some pics from our trip-we are already ready to go back
1st day on the beach and already she has moved sand all day long!

Gandadin and Addison
At Bubba Gumps

Girls Only Pic
Kelly-Me-Addison and Mom

It's fitting I know

Everyone should enjoy a nap on the beach

Uncle Mike in his chair

Mom and Dad

We like to throw the kid in water
It makes her giggle

Kelly and Addison buring Chad in the sand

1st day on the beach she kept on trying to steal the little girl next to us doll-so I hit up Wally World and got her a Rapunzel doll for the beach

Kelly Uncle Mike and Chad chillin on the beach

All those curls!
Family Pic-Addison 3 years old

Mom and Dad at Bubba Gumps

Addison and I in the train-she was sooooo excited

Addison playing in the sand

Beach Baby

One of the few pics of us on the beach (Ok me on the beach)

Mom & Dad quite the world travelers

Busy Busy Busy

My fish

Daddys Little Girl
She tried and tried to help him get the marker aka Tattoo off of his back
while we were there. So helpful! haha

Addison and Gandadin having so much fun!

Ganmomma wipping away the tears

Addison and Ganmomma all smiles

Addison looking for the beach at Pompano Joes

Addison with Aunt Kelly
Uncle Mike messing with Addison

Kelly & Chad

Plane ride at The Track-she loved it and rode by herself

Waiting in line for the swings

4 rides on the carasal

Ganmomma lovin on Addison

Girl and her beach

Gandadin and Addison

Mom and Dad ready for a night out

Whinning about not getting to ride the train

The Crazy Lobster with Daddy

Uncle Mike and Addison 2 peas in a pod

Wait for me!

Nope headin back to Mom and Dad


Uncle Mike and Addison

Bryan with all his friends

Pics of Kelly and Chad (had a whole 5 min to take these next few)

My favorite Pic of the trip 

The Red Bar-love this place! Great food, Great Music and super cool atmosphere

Moody Judy not ready to go home