Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!!
Ok I may start saying this every year-but.....
This was the BEST Christmas EVER
It started out on Saturday evening at my parents house-such a fun time spent with my parents, sister, sisters bf Chad, Samantha, AJ, my loving hubs Bryan and Addison. What a great time we had telling old stories-screaming at the kids-laughing at the kids-and just being together as a family. I love Christmas Eve. Usually we sit around and open 1 gift at a time (yes-1 gift at a time). It is the longest most fun process ever!! Makes Christmas Eve really last. BUT this year we have a 2yr old and a 3yr old. Soooo they opened their gifts all up and then the adults and Sam went one by one. Addison got a TV from Mom and Dad, doll, picnic table, dog, books, rain boots (that she had to put on), a panda bear and lady bug, tent, tea set and all sorts of things. Bryan and I must have been really good this year-Mom and Dad were awesome to us. Bryan had me open the gift from him and Addison which is a Cannon camcorder-it is awesome!! We took a video of Addison coming down the stairs and looking at everything Santa brought her. This Christmas was unlike any Christmas I have ever had before. I finally didn't care about me. Sounds odd-but having a child and watching her open gifts is so exciting for me and the twinkle in her eye and the way she lights up and gets all excited-that is enough for me. She has changed me in such a good way. Addison stayed up until about 9:30 on Christmas Eve then woke up about 8:45 Christmas morning. She came down the stairs and Santa had come to see her!!! She was thrilled!! Books, Doll, Reindeer, Princess Tent, Cupcake kitchen, Keyboard and all kinds of toys. She had a blast! Then the 3 of us sat down and opened gifts as a family. Then we all got ready and headed to Oakland to the Harpers house-we had a great time there with Tammi-Michael-Erma-Katie and Bryce. The kids played the whole time and then everyone got to open gifts. Then we headed to Collierville to see Justin and Robin and the Matheny crew before heading back to G'town to see Mom and Dad and Kelly and Chad for Christmas dinner. This was such a special Christmas and the true meaning of Christmas really showed through this year.

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