Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Monday, December 12, 2011

Fabulous Festive Weekend

I started our weekend out early by picking Addison up from daycare and heading to Super Target to do some Christmas shopping-then a dash by Wendy's for dinner and then off to Barnes and Noble for a Christmas story reading of the Polar Express. Granted she was more interested in pulling the books off the shelves-but she still had fun. They provided jingle bells-milk and cookies for the kids. Then on Saturday we headed to Drake's 2nd Birthday party!! Stinkin cute "Breakfast on Sesame Street" love it love it love it!! The kids and adults had so much fun. Drake was a super excited little boy for his birthday. Then we headed to Tractor Supply for more Christmas gifts then headed home for a much needed nap. Addison and I picked up some Popeyes for dinner then ventured back out for Germantown Baptist Church living Nativity scene. It was awesome!!!! Addison got to see camels, lamas, sheep, goats, horses and all sorts of different animals. She loved seeing baby Jesus and all of the kids dancing around. This is a tradition of ours that will last a lifetime. I had a wonderful day with my baby girl-she is growing up right before my eyes. I layed her down to sleep and we said our prayers and I am pretty sure she was asleep before her head hit the pillow. Then her Daddy finally made it home from a long Saturday at work (working all the time is getting old). Sunday morning I got everyone up and dressed for church. We went to G'town Baptist-it has been so long since I was there for a Sunday morning-very cool seeing a lot of old faces. Addison was really excited because I told her she was going to get to meet NEW Friends-yep all fun and games until she walked into the room. But no fear-they gave her her blankie and 2min later she was good to go. So good to go that she didn't want to leave when we got there to pick her up. Then we went by Quiznos for lunch and then home for yet another much needed nap then we all got ready and headed to the Collierville Mall where Santa was!!!! YAY and yes Mommy was soooooo excited. She loved him!! He was so wonderful with all of the kids. Not a tear in sight this year!!!
1st Christmas Tree at the new house 
My Pigtail Queen 

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