Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Parties 2011

Addison showing me all of the presents 
Addison being 2 
Our new ornament that we picked out together
Our new Mommy / Addison tradition 
Here goes the drop off 
Victory is ours!!!! Whooo Hooo
Not a tear in sight! 

Whiteaker/Harper Christmas get together
Dec 2011 
These 2 are a mess 

Our final product!
1st time for Kelly, Travis, Marshall, Bryan and Addison
to ever make a ginger bread house 
Proof that the Moms were there! 
CPK for Addison and a piggy bank and princess book
Marshall got a cool truck and a CARS big coloring book 
The ornament that Addison and I picked out. For this
year we had to go with something with trains on it. This one looked perfect! 
And then Mommy went nuts and had to add 2 more 
Purty and shinny I could not resist 
Ahhhh can I keep it up all year??
I love our Christmas tree and all the presents around it. 
1st Annual Todd/Long/Harper Christmas get together
Addison 2, Kyler 2, Drake 2 
Yup sometimes she would rather play with trucks 
Ali and Kyler 
Amy & Drake 

Friday before Christmas-PJ day at daycare
Goodness this kid is a mess-but a mighty sweet one! 
Ms. Erin with Addison and Marshall
They adore her! 
My sweet girl-Merry Christmas from Addison

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