Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hunting Season

Sooooooo we are smack dab in the middle of hunting season
You can just hear me say----Ohhhh goodie goodie goodie
Hunting Season means--being kissed at 3:50a.m. by a man in camo that has been
fumbling around the room for something camo to wear-slaming doors-using the restroom and then I am supposed to go back to sleep while hearing the garage door open-the big truck start up and barrel down the road- then I am supposed to get up with the kiddo-make breakfast-play with the kiddo-feed kiddo again-lay kiddo down for a nap that she really doesn't want to take (but needs to) finally take my shower-clean the house-put up the dishes-wash clothes-run to target-fix dinner-wash the kiddo-put the kiddo to bed. Ohhhh but wait....then the husband comes home tired from sitting in a dang tree all day not seeing JACK CRAP!!!! Get outta here!! I am the one who is exhausted LAWDY MERCY. Therefore there will be a new event in January called Wifes of Deer Hunters!!! We can't wait!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Out takes of a photo shoot with a wild 2 year old

Looks like I found this lonely little girl off the street 

She would rather dance than take pics anyday! 

What a day! Thankfully I did get the Christmas Card pic I was going for

Thursday, November 10, 2011

80 Today

My sweet Pawpaw would have been 80 years old today! No doubt he is celebrating in Heaven. Glad my Mawmaw is by his side to celebrate his big day. I miss them so much..........

Monday, November 7, 2011

House Warming Partay!!

We had a gathering aka PARTAY at the new house thrown by my besties Amy-Ali and Kelly W. They did it all!! YAY-the inviting, the cooking, the cleaning EVERYTHING!! They should  be in the party planning business. It was awesome! We had about 37 folks in the house compared to the 4 that could fit comfortably in the old house-that ranks up there with AwEsOmE! We had such a wonderful night-getting to show our super clean and decorated (hard dang work) to all of our friends and family. Then we of course had to watch a lil football-AL vs. LSU was where all of the men flocked to. Before and After pics of the house-soon to come. Thanks again Amy, Ali & Kelly for such a great party. Here are some before and after pics.....
Before Living Room
Before LR 
Middle of revamp LR 
Done with LR 
Ahhhh so ready for pool side summers 
Dining Rm B4-with ohh so lovely YELLOW Trim-4 real what were
they thinking that is not even normal! 
WAY Updated Dining Rm 
Kitchen straight from 1980 
New & Improved Kitchen of 2011 
All painted & light fixtures updated 
Master Bdrm before 
New & improved Master along with no yellow trim
King bed coming soon along with window treatments 
 Master Bath & biggest wallpaper headache ever
 Ahhhh soothing new master bath
Addisons Bath before 
Addisons bath after 
Addisons Bedroom before

Addisons bedroom after! 
Guest Bed Before 
Guest Bed After 
Man Room Before 
Man Room After 
Comes complete with a real deer head & lots of kids! 
Another view of updated Dining Room