Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Punkin Time!!

Cedar Hill Farms
Hernando, MS
October 2011
Daddy saving Addie from the Chicken Show 
This kiddo loves animals
If it was up to here she'd have a whole farm 

Drake, Kyler and Addison feeding all of the animals 

2 years old 
Kyler and Addison 
The 3 Stooges 

Wait! I want to feed you too! 

Our wild child Kyler-off and running 

Gotta get a pic of the cute goat! 
These days we have to take the pics fast! These 2 are full speed ahead 
Yep no smiles today...nap time was cut short 
Ok maybe a smile as she is running away 
Mommy and Addison 
Loves the pony rides
And NO we will not be getting her one 
Ride em' Kyler
Cowboy in Training 
Love this pic-she has my hair 

Off and running to the hay maze 

Sweet baby Drake 
She ran the entire time 
Family pic at the farm 
Addison loved the hayride out to the pumpkin patch 
Amy-Brandon and Drake 

Amy and her sweet boy Drake 
Display pumpkins-she was excited about those until she saw the whole patch 

Ohh wow! Addison's dream come true!
She is crazy about pumpkins right now 
On a hunt to find a good one 

Found one! It did resemble more of an orange-but she thought it was perfect-all that matters

How about this one too! 

Big man Kyler found him a good one 
Oh heavens! We have all found one 

My Favorite line of the day..............
Addison told Drake.......SMILE for my MOMMY when I was taking a picture of them!!!
I love her so much!!
Pure Sweetness Drake 1yr old 

Addison getting the last drops of Coke from an old school
Coke bottle 
Awww love in the pumkin patch 
After she fell Daddy showed her how to wipe it off in the grass.
See the Christmas trees in the background-we may have to make a trip down there for Christmas.
Monkey See Monkey Do 

My little angel 
Yep-she was in shock that one of the pumpkins got sick 
The view from my sweet
She was waitin on Ganmomma and Gandadin to get to her house. 

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