Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Monday, October 31, 2011

On the way to School

I am loving Addison being 2
On the way to school she points out everything she sees
It just amazes me about how much she knows and picks up on
This morning she was asking where the deer were-just about every morning we try to avoid hitting the lovely deer! After I dropped her off at school I did end up seeing a 6pt deer in the field. I hate she missed it. I am pretty sure that she is going to be Daddy's bestest hunting buddy ever!
This morning she saw:
Yellow bus, truck, grass, trees, dog, and then began the questions:
Where's Daddy?
Where's Ganmomma?
Where's Gandadin?
Where's Aunt Kelly?
Where's AJ?
Daddy in Truck?
Where's Marshall?
Where's Erin?
Where's Sun?
Where's the dog?

We are in the land of the Where's!
Happy Halloween-I am sure there will be many pictures of sweet Cinderella

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