Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Monday, October 3, 2011

Come on Fall!!

This past weekend was so wonderful!
My Mom and Dad went with me and Addison to the Memphis Zoo on a chilly Saturday morning-it was the perfect time to go. All of the animals were up and there were not too many people there. Then we ate at Salsa b.c. I HEART the cheese dip there BIG TIME. Then we came home and let Addison take a very short nap then off to the sticks we went. Now that we have moved we are closer to Ali-Lee & Kyler. So Ali and I and the kids played at the house while the boys went hunting. Then once they got home we cooked hot-dogs and smores over the fire! It was awesome-Addison and Kyler loved it! It was really cold-but so much fun. Sunday we made a trip to Lowe's where Bryan was able to find his very own fire pit for the house!! Yep he couldn't stand it-had to have smores at his house. My Word! No curtains in the house-but Hey we have a fire pit!! Boys will be boys. We finally got the internet-so we will be having a blog post with all pictures.Yippeee. Addison picked up my lens to my camera and said "Smile Mommy-I take picture!" Yay I am teaching her right.

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